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On Second Thought - It’s Fall Gardening Time~

August ending is the time to start cleaning up the summer gardens and making way for the fall/winter goodies.

Many cool weather plants will survive a light frost, such as turnip greens, mustards, collards, etc.

In the South East (my location) we are scheduled to have the first hard frost on or about October 14th. This means we do not have a full 90 day span for maturation of most things., and most things demand 90 days to fully develop…so, beware of your frost dates.

I have lettuce already planted and that matures rather early--the remaining beds will be filled with greens of many varieties…so let the frosty nights come …I’ll be prepared ~

Eggplant, bell and hot peppers, and tomatoes are still producing at a good rate.
Cucumbers and beans are coming much slower this last week.
These beds will be pulled and cleaned by weeks end.

Many times we must make the decision to clean our growing plots a bit early in order to have that proper growing time for fall gardens. It always hurts to pull plants when they are still producing…the perils of a gardener.

**The herb class set for September 6th has been rescheduled for Sept 13th…same time, same place.

I did not realize I had scheduled the class the same week as our vacation… My apologies, I trust I haven’t inconvenienced anyone.

To our local readers and if you happen to be in our area on Friday, August 19th, please come by the St Mary Magdalene Episcopal church at 106 Washington St. E----for our annual SAAW salad luncheon. (Southern Alliance of Animal Welfare)

There will be dozens of delicious salads to pick from, breads, drinks, and yummy desserts…

You may eat in or take out…your choice.

There is no fixed price but we do appreciate a generous donation ….the funds are used for the spay and neuter program to reduce the number of unwanted cats and dogs in our city.

I look forward to seeing you there!

School has started…please be aware of children and buses that will be in our morning and afternoon path of traffic.

I would also like to encourage everyone to have a conversation with your child/children about ‘bullying’. This action has become a widespread issue and hurts and destroys young lives every year. articleMB04.htm
We must all take some responsibility and willingness to make this stop.

Do let me know if you have gardening questions~

And do consider adding herbs to your diet for a yummy flavor touch and awesome health benefits~

Sage Hill Farms can guide you to a fun and healthy relationship with herbs if you need help.

Blessings for your day~

Bea Rigsby-Kunz and The Sage Hill Farms family~