John Hammell (cap) Speaking Out Against
North American Union & FDA's Trilateral
Cooperation Charter With Canada/Mexico
At Street Demonstration/Rally in Seattle 
IAHF List: Huge numbers of Americans are being set up like bowling pins by criminal Dictator Bush and the criminals in Congress, the Commerce Department and the FDA who are in a process of dismantling our country in cahoots with the Council on Foreign Relations- that globalist body to which many of our traitorous Congressmen pay homage while urinating on their oaths to uphold and defend the US Constitution.
Please read the well researched article below about the Mexican mayor who spoke out this past week at a Denver conference to urge the rapid creation of a North  American Union Dictatorship. Please show this article to everyone you know, it REALLY IS an emergency due to the near total media blackout on whats going on.
Talk about this with health food store owners, EXPLAIN to them that FDA is illegally meeting with regulatory counterparts in Canada & Mexico as if a North American Union were ALREADY in existence for the purpose of crafting harmonized food and drug regulations. SHOW the health food store owners this IAHF petition: and urge them to help get SIGNATURES on it. Make up a flyer and give it to them for that purpose!!!  The reason they haven't heard of this is because the Natural Product Association (vitamin trade association which many health food stores belong to) is INTENTIONALLY keeping them in the DARK on this issue, just as they ALSO are regarding CODEX!!
NPA has been taken over by PHARMA and by the largest companies in the industry, all of which benefit from RED TAPE because they can drive smaller competitors under and grab INCREASED MARKETSHARE.
Grasp that ALL of our most deeply cherished personal freedoms WILL BE LOST if we fail to expose, and STOP this criminal agenda to dismantle America and scuttle our Constitution! If you DON'T grasp this yet, please watch this documentary film which exposes the Nazi origins of the European Union, which the NAU is being patterned after:
Also see this much shorter You Tube summary of whats happening here and spread it everywhere with instructions to take action against it: National Problematique- The North American Nightmare
Please fully realize that Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate running from EITHER party who has consistently taken a stance against Codex vitamin restrictions and against the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter! He has written "Dear Colleague" letters per my urging which I have circulated to other members of congress on both issues, collected signatures on in an effort to get congressional oversight, but we haven't moved the grasss roots sufficiently yet to overcome the millions in Pharma PAC money that they've used to BUY the House Oversight & Investigations Subcommittee.....
Please know that Ron Paul's current political base covers the ENTIRE political spectrum. I am in  Ron Paul meetup groups in Vancouver BC Canada, Bellingham and Seattle Washington and at the meetups I've rubbed shoulders with people as diverse as ACLU members and JohnBirch Society members in the same street marches and demonstrations. Increasingly, more and more Americans are grasping that the Republican and Democrat parties are BOTH controlled by the special interests and the Council on Foreign Relalations, but that Ron Paul is NOT for SALE!!
Increasingly, people are grasping that Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate who would pull us out of Iraq, abolish the IRS, abolish the Federal Reserve, Stop the flood of illegal immigrants, and CONSISTENTLY ACT to RESTORE our Nation to Constitutional Rule, the way the founding fathers intended. Thats why he's got support from across the political spectrum, from people who will never totally agree on all issues but grasp the GRAVITY of the current THREAT arrayed against us!!!
Please read the article below and forward this to more people after first deleting the unsub link at the bottom so that no one you forward it to will unsub you, and please donate to IAHF to help us make more trips to DC to push for congressional oversight on FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter: IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd., Point Roberts WA 98281 USA or via paypal at
Mexican official urges North American Union

WND Books
(WebWire) 9/21/2007 8:43:22 PM

Los Angeles, CA (Sept. 24, 2007) -- At a Denver conference on intercontinental trade corridors this week, a Mexican mayor called for a swift move toward a European Union-style merger of the U.S., Canada and Mexico. "Mexican officials are constantly pushing for this," says Dr. Jerome Corsi, author of the NY Times bestseller "The Late Great U.S.A: The Coming Merger with Mexico and Canada" (WND Books, ISBN 0979045142, $25.95, July 2007).

"They are all for eroding United States sovereignty and creating free movement of their peasant class across our border, flooding us with anchor babies and taking advantage of our country's all-too-generous welfare programs."

Mayor Perez told a reporter from WND, "If only people know the benefits of opening the borders and working together, improving the quality of life for all, then no one would be opposed to the idea of a North American Union." Says Corsi, "As I detail in 'The Late Great U.S.A', we've already seen what kind of 'benefits' Perez has in mind -- American manufacturing and agriculture gutted, wages driven down because of illegal workers, our schools, hospitals and cities overrun, crime and drugs rampant in our major cities, entire neighborhoods where no one speaks English, all thanks to a Mexican government happy to benefit by foisting its illiterate peasant class on us."

Not to mention an American president, George W. Bush, who will not close the borders to illegal aliens, even though the great majority of American citizens are demanding just that.

The conference where Mayor Perez spoke involves the "Ports to Plains Trade Corridor Coalition," an organization trying to create yet another NAFTA superhighway, this time through Denver, one which will destroy millions of acres of farmland while benefiting only big business, Mexican truckers, and Chinese port owners. "It's interesting that a spokesman for organizers of the conference rejected the Mexican mayor's view," notes Corsi. "But that's just a smokescreen.

"As 'The Late Great U.S.A' demonstrates, the NAFTA superhighways such as the one the Ports-to-Plains Trade Coalition is pushing are nothing but building blocks towards a North American Union, a merger between the United States, our cowardly neighbor to the north and our endlessly corrupt neighbor to the south."

Thanks to Corsi's book and determination to get the message out to American citizens, however, "More and more patriotic Americans are learning the truth about NAFTA superhighways and George W. Bush's treasonous actions regarding border security and an EU-like merger that will destroy our nation."

And that's why people like conference organizer Joe Kiely are quick to deny any connection between the Ports-to-Plains Trade Corridor Coalition and a North American Union -- their dirty little secret is out.

Says Jerome Corsi, "It's time for the American people to put a stop to any and all talk about, or legislation leading to, a North American Union or pay the penalty. That penalty is a country none of us can recognize, one with no middle class, where our children will have no future, all for the benefit of Mexican and Chinese elites and George W. Bush's business cronies. We must act now before it's too late."

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