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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackerel Beach

December 22, 2019

Newsletter for Offshore Residents of Pittwater

To all our PON readers,

thank you for your continued support.

To SIRA, WPCA and the Offshore Fire Brigades,

thank you for the incredible work you do for

our community.

We are so fortunate to have such amazing, dedicated

people looking out for this little piece of paradise we

call home.

Hoping you all have a very Merry Christmas

and Happy New Year






    Due to increased demand on the waterlines during the busy Christmas period and whilst we are
    also in drought, there is a need to reduce the maximum booking times.

    As the booking system does not allow the setting of booking lengths for different sections of the
    lines, we ask that all residents follow the procedures set out below:
    • Line 1: Bell to Carols Richard Road – maximum 4 hours
    • Line 1: Bell to Hilda Avenue/Thompson Street – maximum 6 hours
    • Line 1: Bell to Florence Terrace – maximum 6 hours
    • Line 2: Bell to Cargo/Catherine Park Robertson Road – maximum of 4 hours
    • Line 2: Bell to Cargo Spur Line Robertson Road – maximum 6 hours
    • Line 2: Bell to Florence Terrace – maximum 4 hours
    • Line 2: Bell to Kevin Avenue/Thompson Street – maximum 6 hours
    If you require a longer booking, please contact your monitor.

    Note: Line 3 already experiences poor flow so there will be no change to current booking slots.

    Please note that in accordance with the Emergency Water Guidelines, your water monitor reserves
    the right to reduce your booking in order to accommodate others.

    Emergency Water Guidelines
    Click above to load pdf file

    If you have a problem making a booking or the slot you are allocated is more than you require,
    please contact your monitor so that they can make a manual adjustment.

    Residents may not wish to reduce bookings for another user, however, please be aware that some
    residents only have small tanks and must fill up more regularly. Due to pressure on the lines these
    residents are unable to make a booking during drought as easily.

    The situation will be reviewed in the New Year when the holiday period is over and if drought
    conditions have eased.

    We really appreciate everyone’s cooperation to ensure the fair distribution of water to all

    NOTE: A reminder that your flexi connection to the standpipe MUST be disconnected after you
    have finished your booking.
    If you have lost your washer or plug you can contact

    Island Daze Festival Thank You

    Click above to load pdf file

    Island Daze Major Supporters








    Scotland Island Dog Race

    It's on again!

    Same time same place

    Christmas Eve 6pm at Church Point

    Register your Dog from 2:30 to 5:30pm
    Entry fee is 1 Longneck (Cold !) and 1 x Large Tin Dog Food

    Official starting time around 6pm at Bell Wharf



    Community Vehicle Xmas Notice



    Church Point Ferry Service



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