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Murder on the Quai CARA BLACK
Murder on the Quai
Saturday, June 11 at 7 PM

You are invited to a very special launch event for Cara Black's new book, Murder on the Quai – three days before the book's official release date of June 14th!

The bestselling author will read from her latest Aimee Leduc novel, which dips back in time to reveal how Aimee first became a detective. It is November 1989, and Aimee is in her first year of college at Paris's preeminent medical school. She lives in a 17th-century apartment that overlooks the Seine with her father, who runs the family detective agency.

When the Berlin Wall crumbles, so does Aimee's life as she knows it.

Ember Days MARY F. BURNS
Ember Days
Thursday, June 16 at 7 PM

Author Mary F. Burns will read from her new novel, which won First Place for General Fiction at the 2016 Great Northwest Book Festival. Ember Days is a portrait of the coastal village of Mendocino on the brink of the 1960’s. When a village son - now a priest - comes home to bury his mother, he finds his younger brother gone, and the town full of secrets—some of them his own.

Finding Fontainebleau THAD CARHART
Finding Fontainebleau: An American Boy in France
Thursday, June 23 at 7 PM

In his new book, the New York Times bestselling author of The Piano Shop on the Left Bank reconstructs the wonders of his childhood as an American in postwar France. His firsthand account brings to life France in the 1950s, from the parks and museums of Paris to the vast château of Fontainebleau and its village, built piece by piece over the centuries.

Grunt: The Curious Science of Humans at War
Thursday, July 21 at 7 PM

We are pleased to welcome back bestselling author Mary Roach, who explores the science of keeping human beings intact, awake, sane, uninfected, and uninfested in the extreme circumstances of war. She shares how she dodges hostile fire with the U.S. Marine Corps Paintball Team as part of a study on hearing loss and survivability in combat. She visits the fashion design studio of U.S. Army Natick Labs and learns why a zipper is a problem for a sniper. And much more!

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