We Must Defend DSHEA NOW for Future Generations!!


IAHF List:

I can't emphasize enough how important it is to get the word out to more people about tomorrow's radio show at 2 PM Pacific Time in which Attorney Jonathan Emord will have Clinical Nutritionist and dietary supplement company owner Byron Richard's of Wellness Resources as his guest. They'll be discussing the urgent need to amend S.1082 HR 1561 to protect the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act. Listen via http://www.talkstarradio.com/hosts/emordpage.htm 

Controlled opposition groups "Citizens for Health" and the "Natural Solutions Foundation" once again are attempting to DIVERT attention away from the dire need to amend this legislation by continuing to play up the non issue of the FDA's CAM Guidance Document.

CFH Executive Director Frank Herd, Jr asserted in a May 23rd press release that the thousands of comments they claim to have generated to the FDA on this Guidance Document, (the comments period for which has been extended til May 29th) constitute a "grass roots victory for Citizens for Health, its constituents and the natural health movement on a whole".

Also in a May 23rd press release the NSF (Natural Solutions Foundation) is continued the same "sky is falling" rhetoric connected to this Guidance document that they were spewing all over cyberspace a few weeks ago during their successful effort to confuse the grass roots while we were trying to get an amendment into S.1082.


The sky is not falling due to this FDA Guidance Document, nor has CFH achieved any sort of "grass roots victory." No attorney in the USA is in a better position to assess the relative degree of threat posed by anything coming at DSHEA in this country than Jonathan Emord, and on his radio show tomorrow, when you hear Byron Richards at 2PM Pacific Time (3 PM Mtn, 4 PM Central, 5 pm Eastern) you'll see that CFH and NSF are in fact DIVERTING the grass roots AWAY from a VERY SERIOUS THREAT to DSHEA: S.1082/ HR 1561, legislation that could be voted on in the House as soon as the week following Memorial Day weekend (the first week in June.) (Lets hope the vote is postponded deeper into the summer to give us more time to awaken sleeping people- I have a bag packed and am prepared to go to the hill on a moments notice on this....

None of us have ANY LEVERAGE over the unelected bureaucrats at the FDA. 8 Million of us could send them comments about their CAM Guidance document and they'd just ignore them all. What I'm most outraged by is NSF's ludicrous contention that FDA is trying to "MAKE LAW" via their Guidance Document. FDA can't do that and FDA KNOWS they can't do that, but allow me to let you in on a deep dark secret:

FDA LOVES IT WHEN YOU FOCUS YOUR ENERGY ON SENDING THEM COMMENTS RATHER THAN COMMUNICATING WITH CONGRESS TO TRY TO AMEND S.1082/ HR 1561 because this legislation is threatening to give FDA the tools they would need to DO the things they TALK ABOUT in the FDA CAM Guidance Document!!!

Friends, if you're receiving "alerts" from NSF and CFH, please don't forward them. Never forward an enemies campaign. Send them a mssg by unsubbing from their distribution lists. Frank Herd at CFH is a classic robot of a human being. He doesn't think. He allows attorney Jim Turner and his Board to do his thinking for him. Flood him with complaints at 612-879-7583.

We've got our work cut out for us folks: Waxman and Dingell are the two biggest opponents of the dietary supplement industry and of consumer access to dietary supplements in the House and they don't want us to amend S.1082. HR 1561 to defend DSHEA, they have been wanting to TORPEDO DSHEA since it passed into law in 1994.

Sadly, NSF and CFH are trying to help Waxman and Dingell torpedo DSHEA, and I need all of you to get busy, accordingly, to offset their pernicious distractions by actively getting on the phone and calling everyone you know to alert them to this issue, send them to this alert https://www.ymlp.com/pubarchive_show_message.php?jham+622 

Urge them to take action, and to tune in tomorrow's show!!

The deeper into the summer we get, the harder it is to get grass roots action to amend a bill like this, so all of us have got to work that much harder. This is identical to the situation that confronted us in 1989 when NNFA was originally BEHIND a terrible bill call the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act. Now NPA (formerly NNFA) is misleading its membership on this issue by saying its a "non issue", but they couldn't be more WRONG! In their EXTREME ARROGANCE this pharma dominated vitamin trade association is ignoring the advice of Attorney Jonathan Emord, the man who has done more than anyone in America to defend DSHEA. This is not a good situation.

We CAN turn it around, if you'll just roll up your sleeves and join me in alerting more people and groups, I've been on the phone all day trying to do this, but I have no staff, I need you to help me!

On another note the FDA has finally responded to my FOIA request for internal documents pertaining to their illegal Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada and Mexico, (yet another threat which neither CFH nor NSF are doing anything about.... I'll be providing you with an update on that in my next alert.