Temple Beth Am Library Minyan  
  March 2014
 The Minyan Monthly
From the Rosh
We have a number of special events coming up soon, some of our own making, and some from the wider TBA community. Our next DPL potluck lunch and Purim celebration will make for a stimulating weekend, with Pico Egal joining us for megillah reading. The search for a new chazan will bring candidates to TBA and bring all minyanim together for musaf on March 1 and March 22. Likewise for the Artist in Residence Shabbat on March 8. Our leadership has been working together to arrange these events in the best way possible, and I hope you will embrace them as opportunities to broaden our perspectives and help move our community ahead. The Library Minyan Steering Committee will be meeting soon, so if you have a topic you would like addressed, notify the appropriate committee chair. (Click here for a list of committees.)
— Carl Sunshine
Mulch Madness
On Presidents Day, members of Temple Beth Am teamed up with the nonprofit organization, Common Vision (commonvision.org), to help plant fruit trees and make the garden at Carthay Central School healthier and more sustainable. My family and I were assigned to shovel mulch from a big pile into a wheelbarrow, which we then brought to trees and raked it around the tree’s base. The mulch makes sure that water stays trapped around the tree, which allows less water to be used in the garden. This is especially important now, as California is in one of the worst droughts in history. Others dug holes, planted trees, put down fertilizer, and trimmed overgrowth. It was hard work on a hot day. However, we were helping others and doing a mitzvah, so it was worth it.

In that week’s Parsha — Vayakhel — God describes to Moses in detail how to make the table, the menorah, the altar, and the holy ark. These items took many hours of hard work to create. They were not meant to be temporary — they were to be used for many generations to come. Unfortunately, they were destroyed or lost.
Common Vision and all of the volunteers are ensuring that the beautiful trees and gardens do not suffer the same fate as the holy ark, the menorah, etc. We are taking care of the precious environment and making sure it lasts forever.
— Sam Hirschhorn
Purim Social Action Opportunity
Following the reading of the Megillah on the evening of March 15, TBA congregants will have the opportunity to partake in Operation PB&J along with other synagagues and organizations doing it simultaneously.  B'nai David-Judea instituted this tradition of matanot l'evyonim (gifts to the poor) several years ago and has extended the project in order to help the growing number of homeless in the Los Angeles area. Peanut  butter and jelly sandwiches will be made, and survival kits will be assembled. The following day, the kits will be delivered to the homeless. Please sign up for helping on Saturday night and/or delivering on Sunday by contacting Dianne Shershow at 323-951-4910 or dfshersh@aol.com.
— Dianne Shershow.
More Social Action Possibilities
Now is the time to join TEAM TEMPLE BETH AM for the Jewish World Watch Walk to End Genocide on Sunday, April 27. Go to www.kintera.org to sign up.  Contact Dianne Shershow at dfshersh@aol.com for additional information.
Check out the Library Minyan Community Board to find out about more social action opportunities and advocacy actions.
“Big Questions” Lecture Series starts strong and continues through March
Our series on Big Ideas and Tough Answers got off to a great start in February, with talks by Joel Grossman on “Why Do We Praise God So Much,” and by Rabbi Ilana Grinblatt on “Reward for Virtue and Vice.” Both were well attended and generated lively discussion from the audience. The handout from Ilana's talk and the text and audio from Joel's talk can be found here.  

We have four more lectures in the series: Rabbi Elliott Dorff (March 5), Rabbi Shawn Fields-Meyer (March 13), Rabbi Rachel Adler (March 20), and Prof Jody Meyers (March 29). Click here to see the full schedule, and watch for weekly notices with more info.
— Carl Sunshine
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Diaspora Potluck News
Join us for a Shabbat seudah (lunch) on March 15th at the home of Abby & Larry Harris, where we can practice our eating, laughter, and good conversation skills in preparation for the Purim seudah the next day! The potluck lunch will begin right after t'fillot, so you will have plenty of time to get home before megillah reading that night; you won't even have to set up or clean up! If you have not received the email sign-up, please go to the Library Minyan website (libraryminyan.org) to sign up, or contact Susan Grinel  (sgrinel@sbcglobal.net) or Val Goldstein (goldie1129@gmail.com).

— Val Goldstein
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