IAHF List: Today at Trinity Lutheran Church when it came time for prayers from the congregation, I said this prayer "I pray that everyone awakens to the fact that the CIA are trying to cull our numbers and to make us all sick so we can be more easily controlled by spraying us with very toxic levels of heavy metals including aluminum, arsenic, barium, strontium, cadmium, iron, zinc, and antibiotic resistant bacteria. They're literally altering our DNA via nanoparticles contained in the spray and they're turning us into non reproducing Androids. I pray that everyone awakens to the fact that organic sulfur chelates all these toxic heavy metals safely removing them from our bodies. I'll have more to say about this in an announcement at the end of the service."
Then, at the end of the service when it was time to make announcements, I went before the congregation and announced a mixture of bad news and good news. I announced that all of us are undergoing biological assault from aircraft, and that we're being sprayed with very toxic levels of heavy metals, but that organic sulfur safely chelates them all to remove them from our bodies.
I announced that I had a flyer I'd be handing out and urged them all to watch the "Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails" conference this coming weekend via a webinar which will include the premier of the new film "Why in the World Are They Spraying?" which is the sequel to "What in the World Are They Spraying?" which all of you should watch at the forementioned link. I announced that sulfur forms 137 different chemical compounds, that it combines with almost anything, and that it safely binds and removes all the toxins being sprayed on us while simultaneously opening up cell membranes to allow oxygen to flood in, and wastes to exit.
I announced that I would be giving away FREE SULFUR to anyone in the congregation who helped me reach out to the larger community with my message and who helped me bring in at least three new customers. I announced that anyone could discuss this with me after the service in the parish house where everyone always gathers for pot luck food and to talk.
I handed out all 20 flyers I had with me (this is a very small church). I hope people don't ignore what I said, and really hope this results in more people in my local community starting on sulfur because most don't even realize they're undergoing biological attack! I going to also hand this out at the Catholic Church that I also attend, and I hand it out everywhere I go any time I go into a store, I talk to everyone- we have to do this! People need to WAKE UP!
I've got 25 kilos (55 lbs) of sulfur coming by this Friday. I'd like to sell all of it before it even arrives by UPS, and need your help to do this! I'd like to be able to soon order 2 or more 25 kilo drums at a time so that i'll be able to stockpile enough sulfur that I never run out of inventory when I get flurries of orders, but need your help to be able to stock that much!
If you help me get at least 3 new customers, and they buy a minimum of 3 lbs of sulfur, I will send you a free pound in appreciation!
By doing this we can really spread the word because most people don't even know they're in danger from spraying they seem oblivious to!
How many people can you urge to watch the aforementioned films and to attend the Beyond Chemtrails Conference either in person or via the web?
Do you have family members who are in the dark still? How about friends and neighbors? People at church? People at the gym where you work out?
I am always striking up conversations about this anywhere I go, at church, at the gym, to total strangers literally anywhere! I was just at the hardware store where I handed a flyer to the people who worked there! I do this anywhere I am!
I am just one person. I need you guys to help me! Please channel your inner "Paul Revere" and reach out to those around you! Questions? Please call me at 1-800-333-2553 or email me at jham@iahf.com
If you get 3 people, and they all buy at least a pound of sulfur, I need them to tell me you referred me, and I need you to also communicate with me.
Lets work together to monkeywrench the NWO! Anyone you tell about sulfur you will be doing a HUGE FAVOR, so please don't feel at all self conscious about doing things the way I do! Please go before your congregation and pray what I prayed, and make a similar announcement! Need help with what to say? Call me.
Remember, anyone you tell about sulfur will soon have an abundance of energy to fight the NWO with, plus they'll be very calm and grounded, and we NEED more calm, grounded people in today's turbulent world! We could end war on planet earth if enough people would just drink two glasses of sulfur water per day!
I am using it to heal damaged nerves from when a tree fell on me in a tornado. I know people who have cured themselves of cancer by using it. If you are depressed, it can help lift your depression and it can help you lose weight!
Please let me know what you do to help spread the word! Please forward this alert massively and repost it to your sites! We are NOT powerless to fight back! We can expect the chemtrailing to accelerate in the near future, will you have enough sulfur on hand when this happens? Don't you think it would be wise to have extra sulfur on hand for everyone in your family and to give to your best friends to get them started? As we get closer to the election, we are more and more in danger of a sequel to 911, especially if Obama sinks in the polls. We can expect more and more chemtrails from now on. Will you be ready to protect yourself and your family?
Please forward this widely, there is safety in numbers! Please call people in your family to alert them to what is going on right under their noses! Please do the same with friends, neighbors and co-workers!  Together, we can and will stop the New World Order's genocide campaign!