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Hot Off The Presses!!

"Win a BMW"

"Be at the Junction Friday July 29th
between 9:00 and 11:00PM
for the opportunity to win a BMW!

We have one of 100 keys that may start the BMW."
Click here for details

$2.50 bottles of BECK'S!


FRIDAY - JULY 29 - 10pm
the Junction
448 Route 206, Newton, NJ

We're BACK at The Junction (formerly Springdale Junction). Last time there was a bit of a snow storm... This time, a snowball's chance in Hell of that! Join us for our weekend Modern Rock function, here in Newton, right at The Junction! Cold drinks, warm hearts, and moist... well... you get the picture. We'll all be coolin' our warm, moist, selves. Please come and have some fun with us! Plus... Don't forget...

the opportunity to
Win a BMW

Upcoming Schedule
Thursday - Aug 4 - The Funky Monkey - Morristown
Saturday - Aug 6 - Cliffstock VII - Dunellen
(then... v a c a t i o n )


Please join us all at the 2005 Cliffstock VII benefit in a couple weeks. It's a great outdoor, all ages, daytime event for some sadly missed young friends. The proceeds/ scholarships benefit other young folks who could really use the tuition cabbage. Bring all your peeps, young and old. Thanks in advance!

Also, wanna have more fun at the shows AND lend a "band hand" in the process? We're looking for some additional folks to help keep this "WRECKS Train" rolling along. If you're interested in becoming part of the "WRECKS Train," please respond to this email and let us know. We'll fill you in on all the details.

See you this weekend!

If you'd like to be removed from this list, no problem. Please reply by cutting pasting into the subject line: "No, really, it's not you, it's me. I'm just not ready for The WRECKS." (or follow the "Unsubscribe" link below)