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Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy
and Smart Cities 
Exhibitions & Conferences for South-East Europe 

7 - 9 March 2017, Sofia, Organizer: Via Expo
Dear friends,
The Smart Cities and Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Forum for South-East Europe will begin in 1 month.
As such, we will continue to introduce our exhibitors and partners. In today's newsletter we will present two exhibitors, who offer biomass heating technologies and also waste-to-energy solutions for implementation in cities, as well as one of our partners in Smart Cities.
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We are also happy to announce that the Smart Cities Conference is now also open for online registration until March 2! View the prices here.
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Parallel event:   Save the Planet
Contact for EE & RE, Smart Cities:
Ms. Ivelina Yordanova - T 00359 32 512 902, 32 966 813
Biomass heating technologies and equipment from Enerstena
Interview with Mr. Tomas Rimkus, Sales Director, Enerstena
The “Enerstena” Group of Companies is well-known in the Lithuanian energy sector, can you tell us more about its activity?
We design and manufacture biomass boilers, flue gas condensers, furnaces and other technological equipment for biomass boiler plants. We implement projects from inception to the "turnkey", we also provide process automation and maintenance services.
What are you going to present during the exhibition this March?
“Enerstena” Group of Companies will present the latest biomass heating technologies: boilers, flue gas condensers, furnaces and other technological equipment for biomass boiler plants. We promise the MOST EFFECTIVE SOLUTION for every our stand visitor!!! According to data, we will propose you the best solution for your heat efficiency. You will see our own technology in technological equipment for biomass boiler plants, our references in different countries.
What are the main advantages of your solutions? In which fields can they be applied?
• Experience: we started our operation 14 years ago and implemented many projects.
• Our own technology, a strong production base.
• A team of professionals. The “Enerstena” Group of Companies has more than 340 employees.
• The Centre of Science and Research with the laboratory allows improving the existing technologies and developing new technologies.
• Feasibility study. We perform legal, technical, economical assessment of situation/object and select the most acceptable option for the potential investment. For the Employer we make a detailed object implementation plan.
• Full cycle: from the professional proposal until full implementation and maintenance.
Waste-to-energy solutions from BNL Clean Energy
Interview with Mr. Mikael Rüdlinger - inventor and CEO at BNL Clean Energy
BNL Clean Energy is going to participate for the first time in Smart Cities. Please, present your company and its main activity.
The BNL Clean Energy Group provides standardized modular Zero Emission Zero Residue Clean Energy plants for biomass and waste-to-energy solutions. Our proprietary, patented thermo-chemical technology generates clean energy and produces synthetic fuels without any harm to the environment. Your sustainable clean energy solution!
What are you going to present during the exhibition?

Models of our Zero Emission Zero Residue solutions.
Please tell us more about your solutions, in which areas can they find application?
The BNL Clean Energy solutions will be used by small towns, which must not put municipal solid waste on landfills any longer. But also by processing industries and logistic centres, who want to get rid of waste, but at the same time benefit from the heat and electricity that can be generated.
Can you give an example of a recently realized project? Have you been active in South-East Europe before?
Our first plants will soon be operational in Germany. Read the rest here.
ICT Cluster of Central Serbia is a business association, which gathers enterprises, institutions and organizations from the ICT sector in the territory of Central Serbia, based in the geographical centre of Serbia, in the city of Kragujevac.
The Cluster was established with the main goal to support and develop the information and communication technologies sector on the territory of Central Serbia. This is being achieved through building capacities and infrastructure of the Cluster to provide support for development of small and medium sized enterprises in ICT field with the aim to enhance their competitiveness, businesses and visibility on domestic and international markets. ICT Cluster of Central Serbia gathers members from the ranks of enterprises, institutions and organizations that contribute to the development of the ICT sector in Central Serbia, in a direct or indirect way.
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