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August 2014

What's on Where by Whom with Whom

May - October
As the world’s primary Lingua Franca, English has the largest number of multilingual speakers that ever existed in any language. In her new film, Nicoline van Harskamp will represent a situation where English has developed into “Englishes”: a language of original non-standards that is spoken between people who have a different mother tongue. The film uses its subject-matter as its medium and it is set in a future that looks exactly like the present, where “Englishes” is spoken fluently and confidently by everyone, in mutual understanding but certainly not without any friction.

Van Harskamp has been granted funding from the Mondriaan Fund in the Netherlands for overall research on the topic, as well as international co-funding for the staging and recording of events around the research. A scenario will be developed throughout 2014 and 2015, in consultation with production studio Anotherfilm Rotterdam. It will be offered to film funders internationally. Filming expected to commence fall 2015.

August 2014: filming in London at the English Phonetics Summer Course (University of London)
September 2014: filming on the Swedish island Gotland with the Baltic Art Centre and Film pa Gotland
October 2014: filming in London with Kunstraum, followed by a solo exhibition
In September 2013, Nicoline made a performance piece for BMW Tate Live: Performance Room on the subject of English, that can be viewed here: BMW Tate Live

Modest Doubt #4 by Bea de Visser in consultation with dancer and choreographer Jean-Guillaume Weis. A multi staged work to be developed across multiple parts and interim performances and recordings, being part of her research on language and sound as a method of communication, incomprehension and manipulation. Modest Doubt #4 follows on from the previous numbers MD #1 and MD #2. This cycle of performances, recordings, and readings commenced in spring 2013 under under the summary title Pear Shaped Exploration Project, presented on the Urban Explorers festival Dordrecht (NL).

Bea de Visser has been granted financial support from the municipality of Dordrecht in the Netherlands for general research and development of her art projects following on from the performance cycle Pear Shaped Explorations Project.
Jean-Guillaume Weis

July - August
'Dust', development scenario by Relinde de Graaff in cooperation with Bea de Visser. Based on the topic of adoption, situated in the years after the end of the Franco regime in Spain.
Relinde de Graaff has received a grant from Arts Department Rotterdam for the development of the treatment of Rejected
Infinite Memory, 2010 by Relinde de Graaff. short film

June - September
Exhibition by Simone Bennett in collaboration with Lonneke Worm at Lievensberg ziekenhuis, Bergen op Zoom, Boerhaaveplein 1. Two photos works at the Lievensberg Hospital, Bergen op Zoom, Boerhaaveplein 1, until the end of Augustus 2014, you can find them in the hall next to the plaster room. Open all day.

Digital access to the shortfilm Motor by Simone Bennett at the Shortfilm Poule of EYE filmmuseum Amsterdam
(after the storm series)  Car 1/10 (2AP) Matt paper Size 100 x 67 Aluminium

July - August
recommended trailer
trailer of Inventory of the Motherland by Ben van Lieshout A colorful celebration of image, sound and music of the Russia just before the Revolution and of Russia now. Inspired by the work of photographer Sergei Prokudin-Gorskii (1863-1944), inventor of color photography in Russia. NL 2012, 75 min.
See also the renewed Anotherfilm page of the feature film by Ben van Lieshout The Muse

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