Breaking Bias

Must Acknowledge Real CHange *Women's Month*  
Women all over the world constantly demonstrate their Courage, Wisdom, & Strengths as they contribute to their culture and society in many ways.

Equity Tokenism Must Convert to "The Norm"
The United Nations acknowledges Gender Equality as the key to a level playing field that must involve women at decision-making tables - one of inclusion and free from discrimination. On International Women's Day, 16-year old Tish from California raised the question, "Shouldn't we get at least half the days?" Agreed !

Stand with Strong Women Making Courageous Moral Choices
Pussy Riot founder and lead singer Nadya Tolokonnikova, jailed for nearly two years, reminds us to "use your voice while you still can". Joining her for justice, prima ballerina Olga Smirnova has left the Bolshoi Ballet to join the Dutch National Ballet in protest of the war. 

Valery Hache/AFP/Getty Image

In Traditional Roles, Women Remain Unsung Luminaries 

"I want to create Equality. I want both boys and girls to get education because my community still thinks girls should be housewives. I want girls to have equal education". Shahjad stated on his Video Volunteers application that he wants to change what local people think.

We admire the growth that has come with increased professionalism in those we used to call youth leaders, and today recognize as a capable Leadership Circle ready to safely unleash their personal powers. The smart path to social justice is education.

Our Breaking News
Claiming the Unheard Jaisalmer Merasi Experience 
Hundreds of formal correspondents around India bring issues out from under the rug. The NGO Video Volunteers trains marginalized citizens to use media and technology.

Six Merasi participated in the current round of instruction. By exploring unpaved social media paths, they choose to ensure their community truths will no longer be "the first casualty".

Heralding Changes
"I want to support community through education and legacy. The Merasi musical legacy will die if we don't keep reaching to their minds by helping my community to read and write." -Akaram, Musician and Merasi School Rickshaw Driver

"Asha was the only girl going to school when I was little. Now there are many more, but still it is not fully changed. As a teacher, I want to help make the community as knowledgeable as possible. They will when they are more educated." -Nawab, teacher Merasi School

"I want to tell you about the women of my village. When there is harvesting, all Merasi women have to go and help. The jajman come to our houses and give orders to come to their farm to work.

First, the poor ladies have do their housework, then go help all day, and in the evening come back and do more housework. The women get so tired. They don't give them money or anything."
-Merasi Woman, mother of four

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