It's perfect pop, slightly naive and melodic in the best of ways.
After just 2 singles with web frenzy as result, it’s time to aim for a debut album with dream pop darlings YAST. The first step is this new single “Stupid” that’s out today. 

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We asked singer and lyricist Nopan about the track. Somewhat reluctantly he answered:
 ""Stupid" is an attempt to describe the most naive thoughts you can have about love. In the beginning, it's all about assumptions, if you not have the courage to ask straight out - but that’s easier said than done."
Fader: their songs are an ambitious swing at making moves for the better.
Listen Before You Buy: YAST have more potential than nearly any other band around.
Sounds Better with Reverb: It’s a straightforward, sunny slice of songwriting
SNAP: Leaves us thinking "best pop song 2012?" Definitely up there with songs like Tame Impala's Apocalypse Dreams".
And speaking of Tame Impala. YAST are playing with them in Stockholm now the 20th.
Album is planned for spring 2013.

YAST is released in collaboration between Adrian Recordings and Double Sun.

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