Adrian Recordings Advent Sunday Mixtapes 2011
4th Advent
By Simian Ghost

Duration – 30:14
Artwork - Martin Löfqvist (

Songs used: (Click on links to listen to original tracks)
1.  YAST – New song from the new stuff we recording! Nice One (Camera recording)
2. Edda Magnason – Hur Jag Föreställer Mig Det Är Att Segla (How I Imagine Sailing)
3. Edda Magnason – Magpie´s Nest
4. Edda Magnason - Jona (Vidderna remix)
5. Den Svenska Tystnaden – Du ser träd
6. This Is Head – 0007 (A remix by Korallreven)
7. Den Svenska Tystnaden – Åttahundra barn
8. MF/MB/ – The Window (Artisan Loyalist Remix)
9. This Is Head – De Trop (Johanna Knutsson Cosmic Support Remix)

YAST/ Edda Magnason
Edda Magnason (Ambient cut-up)
Edda Magnason/Den svenska tystnaden Mashup
This Is Head (A remix by Korallreven)
MF/MB/ (Artisan Loyalist Remix)/Den svenska tystnaden Mashup
This Is Head (Johanna Knutsson Cosmic Support Remix)

Almost all tracks are released by Adrian Recordings during 2011 and can be bought in the web shop at or at your favorite digital retailer.

With super hype all year and good remarks on sites like Pitchfork, Simian Ghost is part of what you can call a Swedish wave of chill wave, together with the likes of Niva, Korallreven and Summer Heart etc. During the year Adrian Recordings' MF/MB/ did a great remix of Simian Ghost’s track Bicycle Theme and we’re glad to have Simian Ghost onboard on the 4th Adrian Recordings Advent Sunday Mixtapes 2011.

And what we have here is one of the most ambitious mixtapes ever. It’s mashup heaven and a completely wonderful melting pot on Adrian Recordings 2011. But as always it is also a glimpse in the crystal ball with a unreleased track from Edda Magnason. When Simian Ghost starts off with a sample from a wicked camera recording from when YAST is recording their debut album, we know that we are just here and now. Enjoy!

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