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New Year Bead Resolutions

New Years is a wonderful time to start something new. People make resolutions to eat better, exercise more, quit bad habits - but how many of us make resolutions about our beading? What better way to imprint the positive habit of creativity, by enjoying time with our beads and making new projects. It can help you find time to do a little something creative almost every day. And what could be a better resolution than that?

Now is the time to decide what you'd like to make to start your New Year's beading projects. This can be a large or small project, a necklace or bracelet, an intricate item, even wall hanging. Or something significant, such as a baby announcement for a new child or grandchild, a wedding announcement in beads, a beaded plaque with a quote that means something important to you or loved ones.

The important thing is not to think I'll start when "I get around to it" & you must start right away, go for it! You don't have to have every item you'll need to complete the project to begin. And it doesn't have to take all day - just set aside an hour or so to get the project started. As long as you have something to begin. Often you'll find new beads along the way that will fit perfectly with the project.

Make a list of all supplies you need for the project. Tick off what you already have and order online what's missing. Check for beading thread, needles, a loom if it necessary, the pattern, any instructions or tutorials you'll need, a bead board etc. Also, make sure that you have a place to do the beading, any work surface covers, plus somewhere to store the project while you're not working. Keep the work in a secure place so it will not be tipped over accidentally or knocked off a shelf.

Plan some time, at least an hour, to get your new beading project underway. Have all the supplies you'll need in one spot so you can sit down and begin beading. If you need a particular book or print-out, be sure to have it ready to use. Mark the place in the book or have instructions from the internet printed out for reference. If you know you have some of the supplies on hand but that they are "buried", take a few minutes to dig them out and look over.

You don't want to be put off a new project because the thread is the wrong color or your clippers are too dull. If you are missing something for your project, you can often substitute it for something else. Use your imagination with what you have. Customizing or changing a published beading pattern is a way to add a bit of "you" to the original designer's creative vision and makes your beading even more special.

Gather all the items you have, even if it's just the beading needle, thread and pattern. If you have none of the other supplies, then at least thread the needle and read through the pattern. You could take time to mark rows on the pattern or to gather tools and look through the beads in your stash to work into the project. Go for it! Once you've taken the first step - the rest, including beads, tools and time to bead, will come easy!

Garnet - January's gemstone

Garnet is January's birthstone, a name given to over ten gemstones with similar chemical structure. Although red occurs most, there are also shades of green, pale to bright yellow and fiery orange garnet. Some rare garnets even change color from daylight to artificial light. "Garnet" derives from the Latin "granum" meaning "grain". Describing the typically rounded shape of the gemstone and also reminds of pomegranate seeds.

Garnet makes good jewelry because it is very hard, and so resistant to wear. Garnet has been found in jewelry from ancient Greece, Rome, and dating back to 3100 BC in Egypt. Chinese and Japanese warriors made bullets out of garnet because they believed that these would inflict more damage. Even Noah used a lantern from garnet to steer his Ark through the night. Travelers wore garnets for protection from evil, poison and wounds. People thought garnet brightened the night because of its high refraction of light. It was also believed to help depression and prevent nightmares. A red garnet in particular is said to break a fever, stop bleeding and to reduce inflammation.

Today, garnet is prized for its beauty rather than its magical powers. People like its naturalness, its brilliance, and color of a sun-drenched Indian summer. Garnet is said to symbolize happiness as well as deep and enduring love and friendships. Green garnets are the rarest and therefore highly prized. Emerald green and colorless garnet is next rarest, followed by pure red. Garnet comes today mainly from Africa, but also from India, Russia, central and south America. Skilled gem cutters all over the world shape them in classical forms and modern fancy designer's cuts. to top

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