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I have just sent the following open letter (below these comments) to all the Vitamin Trade Associations in N.America in order to challenge them on their position on Codex on a basis of the undeniable existence of the Security and Prosperity Partnership of N.America.

(IAHF extends THANKS to the Canadian Health Food Assn for making it possible via their article (see below) to blow the LID off this whole CHARADE.)

Just as the CHFA is trying to do spin to make this sound like a "GOOD" thing, you can expect the inveterate LIARS at AHPA, NNFA, CRN and IADSA to follow suit and to try to do ongoing SPIN against the mssg of IAHF and Allied Organizations within The Coalition For Health Freedom http://www.coalitionforhealthfreedom.org

Increasingly, however, its getting HARDER AND HARDER for these scoundrels to continue LYING to the vitamin consuming public in both the US & Canada (and all over the world.)

How can you make their SPIN CAMPAIGN neigh unto IMPOSSIBLE and help IAHF blow the LID off their LIES?

ANSWER: Organize meetings in your area by showing the hard hitting 28 min DVD Documentary Film on Codex titled "We Become Silent".

You can GET this film, along with an hour long audio tape of a talk I did on the Codex issue this past August at the PANLA Conference in PA, and the Special Anti Codex Issue of The Health Crusader Magazine for a minimum donation of just $30. from IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd, Point Roberts WA 98281 USA (foreign orders add $4.)

Donations can also be made via paypal to jham@iahf.com or if you don't have a paypal account, from the paypal button on the interior of the scroll bar at http://www.iahf.com

Please read my OPEN LETTER to the Vitamin Trade Associations below, and please FORWARD it MASSIVELY in order to give their CEOS THE MIGRAINE HEADACHES THEY SO RICHLY DESERVE FOR LYING TO US ALL FOR SO MANY YEARS ON THE CODEX ISSUE, ok?

To: Michael McGuffin, Exec Dir, American Herbal Products Assn
To: David Seckman, Exec Dir, National Nutritional Foods Assn
To: Steven M. Mister, President, Ceo, Council for Responsible Nutrition
To: Randy Dennin, Chairman, IADSA
To: John Holtmann, Chairman, CHFA

Dear N.American Vitamin Trade Association CEOs:

Firstly, I'd like to thank the Canadian Health Association for making it possible for IAHF and allied health freedom organizations operating under the umbrella of the Coalition for Health Freedom http://www.coalitionforhealthfreedom.org to blow the lid off the enormous anti consumer coverup that your respective pharma dominated groups have been engaging in for the past several years vis a vis the Codex vitamin issue (and globalization on a whole.)

Up until now, you would all have us believe that globalization was a figment of the imagination of "conspiracy theorists" and that Canada, and the USA would not have to harmonize to the draconian, anti consumer standards under "development" at CODEX.

But in this article:

CHFA participates in Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America,+Security+and+Prosperity+PArtnership&hl=en

(full text below)- For the first time we see acknowlegement from a vitamin trade association that globalization is NOT a figment of our "paranoid imaginations" here on the North American continent, but that its all TOO REAL.

(CHFA's spin here is rather disgusting to IAHF and allied organizations, as its blatantly in TOTAL SYNC with the LIES emanating from Martin/Bush/ and FOX regarding the actual PURPOSE of the SPP which is CLEARLY to ENSLAVE US and to OBLITERATE our respective sovereign nations.

Here we see HARD EVIDENCE that a move is afoot to OBLITERATE the nations of Canada, the USA, and Mexico in order to FORCE us into a "NORTH AMERICAN UNION" as a PRELUDE to the intended creation of the FREE TRADE AREA OF THE AMERICAS ("FTAA") which is intended to harmonize all the laws from the Arctic Circle to Tierra del Fuego.

Paul Taylor of the Dr.Rath Foundation posted this article "The Growing Threats To DSHEA"
http://www4.dr-rath-foundation.org/us/index.html which documents the threat posed by the harmonization language in the FTAA, and he provides us all with plenty of very serious food for thought on how FTAA dovetails with CODEX.

IAHF & Allied Organizations within the Coalition for Health Freedom http://www.coalitionforhealthfreedom.org seek a dialogue with the vitamin trade associations of the US and Canada on this issue, because we will not tolerate any move in the direction of US harmonization to CANADIAN law.

Such a move would clearly be ANTI CONSUMER.

I live in a border town on the Canadian border called Point Roberts, Washington- see map/aerial photo:http://magma.nationalgeographic.com/ngm/0408/feature7/

Canadians are streaming over the border here to purchase a slew of dietary supplement products in the International Marketplace that are either banned outright in Canada, or which are not available in Canadian health food stores AT ALL, so if there is to be ANY "HARMONIZING" going on here, Canada is clearly got no choice but to HARMONIZE to AMERICAN LAW.

For that matter, if there is to be ANY harmonizing going on, the bloody PLANET is going to have to harmonize to American law, and we, the vitamin consumers of the planet, are DEMANDING that you help us make that happen, or we'll just have to keep on taking members away from you and we'll keep getting them to donate what they WOULD have paid you in membership does TO US---- But to give you a fighting chance, out of the kindness of our hearts, we have decided to provide you with this information to see whether or not you are willing to enter into a DIALOGUE with us or not, and if you're NOT, we'll just have to remain at WAR with you:


Also see http://pm.gc.ca/eng/news.asp?id=443 (Canadian website)
http://www.fac.gc.ca/spp/spp-menu-en.asp (Canadian Website)
http://www.mexidata.info/id436.html (Mexican Website)

Article From the New American Magazine: ABOLISHING THE USA http://www.stoptheftaa.org/artman/publish/printer_582.shtml,+Security+and+Prosperity+PArtnership&hl=en

CHFA participates in Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America On June 27th, CHFA's President, Valerie Bell, joined Prime Minister Paul Martin and other dignitaries at an event at Parliament Hill in Ottawa that featured the formal release of a progress report on the work of the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP).

The SPP was officially established on March 23, 2005 by Canada, the United States and
Mexico as part of the North American Free Trade Agreement. The SPP is committed to
expanding economic opportunities for citizens of these countries, increasing the security,
prosperity and quality of life of these citizens, and creating the most vibrant and dynamic
trade relationship in the world.

Soon after the establishment of the SPP, the CHFA - seeking to promote and protect the
interests of its members - formally asked for, and was granted, the opportunity to
participate in the SPP process. This process includes a number of committees working on
over 300 initiatives related to security and prosperity.

"Many of the issues that are being addressed by the SPP will impact our members and the
natural products sector," says Valerie Bell, CHFA President. "It's important that we be at
the table when discussions are held, priorities are established and decisions are made."
Here are some of the key issues and initiatives that the CHFA is closely monitoring:

- Integrating agricultural import requirements and customs import requirements
into one system
- Identifying a critical infrastructure in the event of bioterrorism attacks, including
a protocol for a border response in the event of attacks
-Reducing overall transit time for goods at North American border crossings
-Ensuring regulatory cooperation covering current and future regulations
(Mexico, Canada and the U.S. will discuss natural health product regulations as
part of this initiative)

-Increasing protection for intellectual property and developing a process for
actively monitoring it
-Expanding areas where rules of origin are not required so as to reduce transaction
-Increasing sectoral cooperation to reduce conflicts
-Introducing a new food safety mechanism for all three countries

Page 2
In announcing the formation of the SPP in March, Prime Minister Martin said the
"President Bush, President Fox and I represent three sovereign nations
that have formed one of the most successful partnerships in the world. As North
Americans, we have many accomplishments to celebrate, but we also recognize that we
cannot be complacent. The world is not standing still. New economic powerhouses such
as China and India are rising. We face new opportunities, new threats, new challenges.

Changing times demand a renewed partnership - stronger, more dynamic, a partnership
focused on the future. We are determined to forge and ensure the next generation of our
continent's success. That is the destination. The Security and Prosperity Partnership that
we are launching today is the roadmap.

The Security and Prosperity Partnership is focused on finding practical ways to help our
citizens live healthier, safer and more prosperous lives. It's about good jobs and higher
incomes, a more secure continent, cleaner water and cleaner air. And it's about an
understanding - an understanding that when we work together to make North America
safer, more competitive, more prosperous, then we help the citizens of North America, all
of them, to achieve a better quality of life.

We all benefit from our collective
achievement. Our partnership recognizes that in today's world, the objectives of
prosperity, security and enhanced quality of life have never been more interrelated."
For the March 23rd joint statement of Prime Minister Martin, President
Bush and President Vincente Fox and the companion Security Agenda and
Prosperity Agenda click http://pm.gc.ca/eng/news.asp?id=443
To view a letter from Health Canada to stakeholders on the SPP please visit