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29th July 2007 Stitchin', Bitchin' and Keeping It Cosy

Sticky summer-spun greetings to you  

We hope that this newsletter finds you well, slapping on the sun cream to knit out of the shade, and finding new and ingenious ways to take your knitting to foreign shores for a bit of holiday stitching.

The last few meetings swept from one end of the knit in public spectrum to the other, with some cool basement knitting and riverside breeze knitting. Highlights included a family of knitters, a pair of Witches Britches finished at last, a bevy of newbie knitters, and some curious pic-snapping tourists (we saw you).

In other news knitting at Innocent’s Big Fete seemed to go down a storm, National Knitting Week is creeping up on us once more, and S&B London are planning a HUGE undertaking for UK S&B Day (more news on all that very soon). Also the Knitty 2008 Calendar contest ends on the 17th so get those entries in.

On to the news…

Stitch and Yeah Baby!

Details of the next meeting:

Once more the temptation of buttons, patterns, yarns, ribbons and accessories draws us into Kingsly Court (just off Austin Powers’ hood, Carnaby Street), where the coffee and cake are good, the umbrellas protect against the elements (and there is a sliding roof too), and the patio heaters are ready if we need them. Should you choose to travel up the stairs to All the Fun of the Fair don’t expect to come away empty handed.

Time: From 6pm
Venue: Kingsly Court (off Carnaby Street)

Tel: 020 7287 2303 (All the Fun of the Fair knitting and haberdashery shop)

 Map Website Nearest tube: Oxford Circus

Stitch and Cavernous Knitting

Details of the meeting after:

We return to The Old Star pub, but this time we are armed with a reserved area booking – so no more Mr Cheeky Barman confusing the knitters like last time. Meet us in the caverns downstairs for some pub grub and clicking of sticks – if you can find us!

Time: From 6pm
Venue: The Old Star
66 Broadway

Tel: 020 7222 8755

Map Nearest Tube: St James’s Park, Westminster

Stitch and attempting the first park knit of the year

Details of the meeting after that:

Time: From 6pm
Venue: St James's Park. On the grass by the café called ‘Inn the Park’ (or actually inside the café if it’s raining)

Tel: 020 7451 9999

Map Nearest Tube: St James’s Park, Charing Cross, Westminster

Stitch and Sticks with Style


Walking sticks: sturdy, reliable, solid, but not often described as chic, trendy or downright outrageous. Until now. The Missability Radio Show has invited all those with sticks, string and a little bit of imagination to join their bizarre Knitted Walking Stick Cosy Competition 2007. As you know we are lion-size fans of knitting for the unusual, so we love this one.

You design a knitted (or crocheted) tube that can be slipped onto a walking stick, and has some means of staying up. The categories are Fantastical Designs and Real Life, and there is no limit to the number of sticks you stitch for. It can be as chic or as fabulous as you like.

Not only can you win £40 in yarn vouchers, but your walking stick cosy will become part of the Missability Road Show, and could feature in two exhibitions, as well as on their flickr group for the world to admire. The closing date is 7th of September, and you must send in your finished cosy and a completed submission form by this date. For more info check out their website. Isn’t it about time, after all your hard stitching, that your knitting gets the fame it deserves?

Stitch and Board (by which we mean Message Board)

We love our S&B message board. It is a lively place full of lovely folks asking knitting questions, proudly posting FOs (finished objects), lamenting yarns of yesteryear, and relating horror stories of knits gone wrong.

Lately though, we have been wondering if it would be better to leave the fortress that is mySpace (so much junk mail!) and cast on our own board somewhere else. We decided to ask the people who matter most: you lot.

So we set up a little poll for you to vote. Let us know what you think. After all without you, People of the Knit, we're just five lonely gals with sticks and string knitting in pubs.


Stitch and One Lump or Two?

Let’s face it, we all love a cuppa, but some times we just have to get to the end of that row (and maybe another two rows for good measure), and by the time you get round to pouring your perfect cup the pot’s gone stone cold! The only way to beat this wretched curse is to warm up your needles and get into some tea cosy action.

For beginners who want something cool, impressive, but not too difficult, try the Raspberry tea cosy knitting kit from Rooster Yarns.

If you’re prone to mistakes then you can’t go wrong with felting. This Felted funky tea cosy will look fab, no matter how many of those dratted holes appear.

For something a little more ‘elevenses’ try the Rosy Cosy tea cosy by Megan Mills. She also has free basic crocheted cosies for your enjoyment.

And if you’re a little bit out there, and looking for the crazy beyond crazy, how about a Leprechaun tea cosy for the St Patrick's-day lovers, or a slightly more conservative Country Cottage from the 1930s – shall I be mother?

Finally for cosies of all sorts click into Knitting Pattern Central for a mound of cosies for all occasions. Our firm favourites bought together on this site have to be the felted wine snugly, a completely useful apple protector, and the lion TV/ monitor cosy. Happy cosy making!


That is about all the news we can unwind for you this week. Don’t forget to send any knitty treasure you dig up to us here at Also any lurkers out there are welcome to join the rest of us knitting proudly in public, and we still teach for free so grab your sticks and string and be brave.

Happy knitting and may the stitch be with you.

Stitch and Bítch London      

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