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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackerel Beach

October 1, 2014

Newsletter for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia - Volume 15, Issue 798


  • SIRA Notice
  • Elvina Bay Fire Shed Dinner
  • Local Council Notices
  • Scotland Island Fire Shed Dinner
  • Bill Gye Radio Interview
  • Floating Landcare
  • Pittwater Library - HSC
  • Pittwater Offshore Wine Tasting
  • Co-Op Club  - October Bookings
  • Island Player - Pittwater Pearls
  • Tribe
  • Seeking Rental property
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  • Items looking for a new home
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  • SIRA



    Update on Harold Reserve – Carols Wharf Access

    Pedestrian access to Harold Reserve and Carols Wharf, is by a path and stairs from the road way. An unmade pathway through the reserve was created some time ago and over time, with additional use by quad bikes and motorbikes, has become severely eroded.


    Pittwater Council, who has care and control of Harold Reserve, deemed this incompatible with the management and preservation of the area, as well as a risk to public safety, and reinstated the post and rail fence alongside the stairs closing access through the reserve. A section of this fence was recently vandalised on two separate occasions and Council apparently reported both incidents to the Police.

    The core issue appears to be that the “staircase only” access arrangement makes it harder for people with shopping trolleys and similar wheeled hand carts to go between the road way and Carols Wharf - unlike Bells Wharf stairs which have a paved “step free” path running beside the stairs.

    Construction of a similar pathway at Harold Reserve Carols Wharf beside the stairs to allow for easier access has been costed at approximately $35,000 and not within budget resources for this financial year. In addition, this project would need to be established within the context of an overall management plan for the area.

    Such a plan is being developed for Cargo Wharf–Leahvera Reserve following a Community Forum held by a “Cargo Wharf Users Group” in September 2013. It now guides improvement priorities, volunteer initiative and seeks Council support to manage the area.

    The formation of a “Carols Wharf Users Group” would seem to be a more creative and collaborative approach to solving the access issue rather than continued vandalism.

    SIRA's Parks and Reserves Subcommittee would be happy to facilitate such a process.

    Tim Turpin (Chair SIRA Parks and Reserves, Wharves and Marine Subcommittee)



    Elvina Bay Fire Shed Dinner

    Saturday 4th October from 6:30



    Local Council Notice

    Tick Season for People and Pets

    As the weather warms up it’s important to be ‘Tick Aware’ as the potentially deadly Paralysis Tick, also known as the Scrub Tick, Bush Tick or Shell-back, thrives as the humidity rises.

    These ticks are unique to Australia’s east coast and the toxin from their saliva can cause various allergic reactions, infections, diseases and possible respiratory failure and death in both humans and pets.

    Pittwater’s environment is a magnet for Paralysis ticks which are most commonly found in humid bushland, backyards and in undergrowth.

    To keep you free of ticks this season, there are many ways to reduce the risk of tick bites:
    • Wear light coloured clothing to improve visibility of ticks, long sleeves, long pants tucked in socks when in tick areas
    • Wear a tick specific insect repellent (check the label for suitability for use on children)
    • Avoid brushing against vegetation
    • Get in to the habit of checking yourself, your children and your pets thoroughly after being outside. Pay particular attention to behind the ears, the scalp, groin, armpits and backs of knees in people, and the hidden spots in pets such as ears, around lips, eye lids and between toes. 
    Removing a tick if you are bitten:
    • Kill the tick where it is, by either spraying it with a pyrethroid aerosol, dab it with a permethrin cream or spray it with an ether containing spray to freeze it
    • Do not attempt to kill it with methylated spirits, nail polish remover or petroleum jelly, and do not attempt to remove the tick by using household tweezers – this aggravates the tick and it injects more saliva containing toxins
    • Wait for the tick to drop off or remove it without compressing it.
    For dogs and cats, ticks are particularly dangerous. Symptoms included vomiting, wobbliness in the back legs, loss of appetite, difficulty breathing and a change in the animal's bark or meow.

    In recent years there have been major advances in the availability of animal based tick preventative products, from spot-on treatments and chemical collars to oral medications. However these measures are not 100 per cent effective.

    Professor Peter Irwin, an expert in tick-borne diseases at Murdoch University, has recently conducted two studies in Pittwater - one using molecular techniques on ticks removed from people (by doctors at the Mona Vale Hospital), wildlife and a few pets, and the second study was using dogs as sentinels for human infection.

    Professor Irwin stated that evidence of  many people becoming unwell after tick bite in the region, leads us to hypothesise that this is caused either by other (as yet unidentified) infectious agents (bacteria, viruses or protozoa) that are transmitted by the ticks, or that there are other (non-infectious) chemicals/molecules in the ticks’ saliva/venom that cause illness.

    Reference to Dr Irwin’s Tick research can be found at: HERE

    Information on:
    For more information check the listed websites or seek medical or veterinary assistance if concerned.

    Tick Fact Sheet

    Natural Baby Care, Easier Than You Think

    Discover the best ‘green’ products for your baby at the Natural Baby Care Workshop on Tuesday 11 November.

    Calling all parents! If you have a little one and you’re interested in exploring ‘green’ options for baby products, then you’ll benefit greatly from Pittwater Council’s free Natural Baby Care Workshop.

    The workshop is designed to give parents a chance to take a look at ‘green’ options for nappies, including:
    • Which brands work best
    • How to wash and care for nappies
    • Where to buy the nappies in your local area.
    Environmental Education Officer, Ms Emma Mackay said the workshop is not limited to nappies.

    “Our workshop facilitator, Rebecca Jones will also look at ethical clothing choices, how to host a toy swap and green cleaning tips for sustainable living.

     “It’s a great way to meet other like-minded parents and there’ll also be the opportunity to exchange recipes for delicious home-made baby food.

     Ms Mackay encouraged new and expecting parents to take advantage of this timely environmental workshop.

    When: Tuesday 11 November 10 - 11.30am
    Where: Pittwater Rugby Park, 1472 Pittwater Rd, Warriewood.

    Bookings: 9970 1194 or eceducation_team@pittwater.nsw.gov.au

    Pittwater Council says more big changes to 10/50 needed

    Pittwater Council is pleased with immediate changes to the 10/50 Vegetation Clearing Entitlement - a reduction in the buffer zones around bush fire prone land as well as the option for Councils to reclassify small parcels of land - however stands firmly that more amendments are urgently needed.

    Mayor for Pittwater, Jacqueline Townsend said the Rural Fire Services’ (RFS) announcement is “a step in the right direction”, however remains seriously concerned of an imbalance between genuine bushfire risk and protection of our natural environment.

    “There’s no doubt, the changes to the 10/50 entitlement area are an improvement on the code, but there is still so much more that needs to be done, including a comprehensive review,” says Cr Townsend.

    Today’s announcements bring modest improvements for Pittwater.

    Pittwater Council believes the 350 metre buffer distance for Category 1 land should return to 100 metres in metropolitan council areas, as it was under legislation prior to the introduction of the 10/50 Code.

    “The bushfire management legislation is a state-wide blanket approach with quite devastating local side effects,” said Cr Townsend.

    Several mature trees that have clearly not posed bushfire risk have been removed here in Pittwater since the legislation came into effect.

    “For Pittwater, the potential tree and bushland loss is huge and the impact devastating on flora and fauna habitats.

    “Pittwater needs to get the new buffer areas mapped and review the category 1 properties, and we need to do this now.

    “Recent examples of tree removals under the 10/50, here in Pittwater, have clearly highlighted the need for urgent intervention, there’s no time to waste,” Cr Townsend added.

    This October, Council will meet with RFS officers and together will conduct a review of land categories as well as thoroughly consider feedback from the community.

    At the time the 10/50 legislation came into practice, Pittwater Council wrote to the State Government seeking an urgent review of the Code and provided a series of recommended amendments based on reasonable and scientific evidence and the need for an additional mapping.

    Pittwater Council requests community members resist clearing trees without inspection by RFS. Contact the RFS on 94503000 to arrange an inspection. For all other tree related enquiries call Council on 9970 1111.

    Contact: Matt Hansen
    Phone: 9970 1178


    Scotland Island Winter Fire Shed Dinner

    Last one for the year !

    Saturday October 11th from 7.00 pm


    click image to load flyer

    Tickets can now be purchased ONLINE at  new SIRFB web site.



    Bill Gye Radio Interview..


    On the day of the announcement of the results of the Scotland referendum on independence, SIRA’s president Bill Gye received a phone call from ABC Tasmania wanting to know if there is appetite for independence on our Island too. Bill does a good job describing Island life until he get quizzed about a guy who caught a shark with a broom….



    Floating Landcare Gets Results!……

    This October Scotland Island is going to be the destination once again for a visit from amazing Floating Landcare volunteers from around Sydney.


    Catherine Park, Scotland Island , Friday October 17th, 9am – 1pm

    (or whatever time you can give..)

    To register, email: floatinglandcare@gmail.com or ph: 02 4725 3055 or 0405 330 781


    Pittwater Library

    coverHSC Students

    We’re here for you!

    Early opening hours´â¬ from 9am to 10am for HSC students commencing Tuesday 7 October to Wednesday 5 November 2014 (Weekdays only)

    Study evenings

    Join us for free pizza and an evening of study Thursday 6pm - 9pm
    • 9 October
    • 16 October
    • 23 October
    Call 9970 1600



    Australia's Largest Selling Wine Syndicate

    Sunday October 19th, 3 - 5pm.

    Greetings Wine Lovers,

    The BIGGEST wine tasting of the year approaches with some remarkable wines including my favourite bubbly - just in time for the holiday season and summer BBQ's and birthdays and any old thing really.

    This time it is in Elvina Bay, perhaps the finest address offshore (ahem). A guaranteed sunny afternoon on Sunday 19th October 2014 from 3pm.

    As this tasting is on the Western Shores of Pittwater, this is a grand opportunity for those of you on the island (we are talking Scotland here) who have friends in the Western suburbs of Pittwater to invite them to participate. As the salesman once said 'No one asked to buy' and we really mean it.

    DATE: October 19th 2014

    TIME: 3pm

    WHAT TO BRING: Yourself, neighbours, friends AND a tasting glass AND a plate of food for us to share.

    WHERE: At the modest home of Paul Purvis, third jetty in on the southern side of Elvina Bay, in Paul's boatshed. It will be thge jetty with the flags and bunting. Plenty of room for your tinny.


    Friends signup http://eepurl.com/j2m5H


    The Co-Op Club Proudly Presents October Bookings

    Church Point CafeArtists play between 3-6pm

    Sun  Oct 5:  Matt Trapnell & The Sly Dogs:image

    Matt Trapnell & The Sly Dogs return to the Co-Op Club. They are our beloved house band and the word is spreading about this very cool outfit with their brand of dirty blues & funky grooves. Come on down!

    Sun Oct 12:  Toni Swain:image

    Toni Swain is a singer and musician that few performers can match in Australia. You will know what that means when she joins us at the Co-Op Club this month. Her sets are built around solid rhythms that rollick and sway while her songs shine a distinctive spotlight on everyday life. 

    ...”Soul, R&B, jazz singers, all strain for that money shot, the clear, clarion note that graces a song, that gives it that final, killer touch. Toni Swain delivers that all the way through every song when she performs. Her voice and bearing are those of an old fashioned chanteuse of the highest order..." (Mick Daley, The Re-Mains)

    Sun Oct 19: Cyndi Boste & band:image

    Her music is soulful roots, rock & country at it’s best, via California and Austin Texas with a unique Australian voice. Like all great artists, the black coal of life fuelled the crucible of creation and produced her latest album ‘Nowadays’ creating not just songs but gems.. Cyndi will present some of these gems from her latest album and others.

    Boste’s voice has lived, though it never sounds worn away, and she tells a story with the feel of a village elder. That is, with conviction and with ease. -  Bernard Zuel – SMH

    Sun Oct 26:image The Acca Daiquiris:

    The Acca Daiquiris are an established Sydney-based jazz quartet (piano, bass, drums and saxophone/vocals) specialising in hip and original arrangements of some of the great pop and rock songs of the past half century, giving them a swinging and refreshingly contemporary sound.

    The repertoire includes swing versions of ‘Wild Thing, ‘Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again’, ‘Stairway to Heaven’ & Latin versions of ‘Long Way to the Top’, ‘Smoke on the Water’ & ‘Sunshine of your Love’.

       1860 Pittwater Rd Church Point – bookings 9999 2793


    Island Players

    Pittwater Pearls

    November 7th, 8th, 14th & 15th




    Island Choir for 8-18 year olds

    Starting Thursday 9th October

    Details please;

    Call Barbara 0400 377 056
    Call David 0406 180 078


    Seeking Rental Property




    Lost on Tennis Wharf

    Lost at Tennis wharf - child's red and yellow lifejacket was left on the wharf last Sunday. It has Allen Kirby written on it. If anyone has picked it up I would be grateful if you could contact me. 

    Jane Kirby 0414978793


    Items Looking for new home

    "We are moving off the island for a while during the construction of a new house and have a few things that we would be happy to see go to a new home.

    Firstly, a Heatcharm slow combustion wood heater. In generally very good condition for a used stove, with 3-speed fan forced air circulation and a side-hinged glass door. Works like a charm (sorry) and when properly loaded will keep going all night (sorry again).


    Secondly, a King Furniture Delta modular sofa with a navy blue material covering. This is a five piece unit that can be a converted into a very comfortable double bed and is in very good condition with no stains or tears.

    Both items are available for immediate collection and all we're hoping is that whoever takes them will make a donation to either the SI Rural Fire Service or the Broken Bay Marine Rescue Base in lieu of purchasing them - we all need these two fine institutions!

    Please call Tony (0419-242723) or Prue (0419-163019) for details or to arrange collection."


    House for Rent

    Scotland Island.

    Lovely, three bedroom fully furnished house.

    The house has a large open plan living area downstairs with modern kitchen, second bathroom and laundry, and opens out onto a generous deck with lovely water views and stunning sunsets. 

    Three bedrooms upstairs, two with queen beds and one with a set of bunks.
    Walk in wardrobe in the master bedroom.
    New modern bathroom.
    Beautiful view.

    Situated in Pittwater, Scotland Island is 3 minutes from Church Point, 5 minutes from Mona Vale and the Northern Beaches, and only 1 hour from the Sydney CBD.

    The house is a 30 second walk to the water and is situated directly above the main wharf.  Regular ferries and water taxis go from Church Point to the island, which takes 3-4 minutes.

    This is an ideal home for a couple/family looking for a relaxed Northern Beaches lifestyle.  The neighbours are very friendly and the island has a wonderful community atmosphere with many activities.

    Wifi and Foxtel are available.

    Available second week in December.  Six month lease.

    Price:  $700

    Mobile:  Michael:  +61405797378
    Mobile:  Heather:  +61 410502263
    E-Mail: kmikewaller@gmail.com   heather.mackintosh@gmail.com


    For Sale

    Home Therapy Spa

    Simply sensational in your bathtub: $250


    Call Gina: 0417 672 228



    Tinny with motor

    I have recently moved to Elvina Bay and on the look out for a tinny with motor.

    Please contact Amanda
    0406 654 466


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