Perugia Press Prize
for a First or Second Book by a Woman

Prize: $1000 and publication

Entry must be submitted electronically
or postmarked no later than November 15, 2011.
Kettle Bottom Sales Top 10,000
Winner of the 2004 Perugia Press Prize, Diane Gilliam's poetry is still a hot seller, this month topping 10,000 books out in the world.  Kettle Bottom is taught in colleges and schools across the country, and is now considered part of the canon of Appalachian literature.
Written in the voices of people living and working in the coal mining communities of West Virginia during the mine wars of 1920-1921, Kettle Bottom shows how a community responded in a time of danger.

Available as a book of poems and also as an hour-long CD of a WV public radio production—with history, commentary and native West Virginians reading selections.  Read a sample poem, listen to the author, and buy the book & CD. 
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“You nailed what was bothering me about my poetry and why I’ve been uninspired for some time. I appreciate all your suggestions and am quite fond of the prompts you suggested.”            
                                                                                 —Sarah Conover, May 2011
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