Concert dates added ::
March 2nd 2013, Dirk Da Davo DJ set, New Wave Club Classix, Aarschot (Belgium)
April 12th 2013 , The Neon Judgement, Rewind Festival, De Vooruit, Ghent (Belgium)
May 24th 2013, The Neon Judgement + Front 242 + Radical G ! Cc Den Amer , Diest (Belgium) Info : Click HERE
Upcoming digital release:
Neon Electronics TOYBOY EP on February 11th 2013
TOYBOY EP is an extract (the extra tracks) of the Neon Electronics album release EVER AFTER MONKEY (bleu version), released first in France during 2007 and here flavoured with a.o. Economix 'Dark end Mix' and a new version of 'Les Enfants Du Paradis' !!
Click HERE to pre listen at Junodownload
Click HERE to pre listen to Economix, Helmut Kraft's NY Rooftop Remix
February 11th, available on Beatport, i Tunes and all digital channels!!!
TOYBOY EP :: tracklist ::
1. Toyboy (Dropping Dishes feat. Dirk Da Davo)
2. Economix (radio edit)
3. Economix (Dark End Mix)
4. Economix (Helmut Kraft Teen Junky Remix)
5. Economix (Helmut Kraft NY Rooftop Remix)
6. Cherish Love (Co-production with Dimitri Dewever / Swirl People)
7. Jazzbox (Backlash Remix)
8. Les Enfants Du Paradis (Version 2012)
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