Scotland Island Fair and Festival 2004

The festival will be a celebration of this community .
We still need volunteers to help this all happen. Listed are a number of jobs which we need coordinators for. The Festival is made up of art, theatre and sporting events.
We are looking for a team of organisers to stage the quadrathon or triathlon.
SIRA are negotiating public liability for this event therefore this need not be an impediment or excuse to get out of organising this one.
The event can be held between the dates of Oct 5 and Nov 6. We are looking for a group of couch potatoes to watch hours of SI players productions. We need you to find the funniest and most poignant moments.
We are looking for an editor to put the best, funniest, most poignant pieces of SI Players on to video so it can be screened during the festival..
We need a group of workhorses to help set up Catherine Park on Fri Nov 5 (Fair Eve) We are looking to borrow sails to decorate and create shade in Catherine Park on Fair Day.
We need stall holders. Let's be creative. Look at some of the stall holders info sheets located on the wharves and around the island for ideas.
The fair will begin at 11 am and finish at 8.30pm so we need food and drink.
We have a great publicity machine so we are going to have lots of hungry and thirsty people.
If you would like to book a stall call Linda 9979 4149 or Maria 9979 7678.
If you can help co ordinate or be coordinated please call Claire Atkins 9979 4709 or Emmi Collins 9979 7506.

Festival Dates Oct 5-Nov 6 "28 Days on an Island- A Celebration of Community"
Date of the S.I Fair is November 6th 2004