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This Body's Not Big Enough for Both of Us EDGAR CANTERO
This Body's Not Big Enough for Both of Us
Tuesday, August 7 at 7 PM

Meet the New York Times bestselling author of Meddling Kids. Edgar Cantero will read from his new novel - a mind-blowing, gender-bending, genre-smashing romp through the entire pantheon of action and noir. It is also a bold, tautly crafted novel about family, being weird, and claiming your place in your own crazy story.

In a dingy office in Fisherman's Wharf, the glass door panel bears the names of A. Kimrean and Z. Kimrean. Private Eyes. Behind the door there is only one desk, one chair, one scrawny androgynous P.I. in a tank top and skimpy waistcoat. A.Z., as they are collectively known, are twin brother and sister - and literally, share one single body. That's right. One body, two pilots. The mystery and absurdity of how Kimrean functions, and how they subvert every plotline, twist, explosion, and gunshot -- and confuse every cop, thug, cartel boss, and femme fatale -- in the book is pure Cantero magic.

The Masterpiece FIONA DAVIS
The Masterpiece
Thursday, August 9 at 7 PM

Don't miss an evening with bestselling author Fiona Davis, who will read from her new novel, in which readers discover the glamorous lost art school within Grand Central Terminal, where two very different women, fifty years apart, strive to make their mark on a world set against them.

For the nearly nine million people who live in New York City, Grand Central Terminal is a crown jewel, a masterpiece of design. But for Clara Darden and Virginia Clay, it represents something quite different.

Charlotte Walsh Likes to Win JO PIAZZA
Charlotte Walsh Likes to Win
Thursday, August 16 at 7 PM

Jo Piazza is the bestselling author of The Knock Off, How to Be Married, and Fitness Junkie. He will read from his new book, an exciting, insightful novel about what happens when a woman wants it all -- political power, a happy marriage, happiness -- but isn't sure just how much she's willing to sacrifice to get it.

Charlotte Walsh is running for Senate in the most important race in the country during a midterm election that will decide the balance of power in Congress. When the campaign gets underway, Charlotte is blindsided by just how dirty her opponent is willing to fight, how harshly she is judged by the press and her peers, and how exhausting it becomes to navigate a marriage with an increasingly ambivalent husband. When the opposition uncovers a secret that could threaten not just her campaign but everything Charlotte holds dear, she has to decide just how badly she wants to win and at what cost

Small Animals: Parenthood in the Age of Fear KIM BROOKS
Small Animals: Parenthood in the Age of Fear
Tuesday, August 28 at 7 PM

"Part memoir, part history, part documentary, part impassioned might be the most important book about being a parent that you will ever read." -- Emily Rapp Black, New York Times bestselling author of The Still Point of the Turning World

We are pleased to welcome Kim Brooks, who will discuss her new memoir Small Animals: Parenthood in the Age of Fear

One day, Brooks made a split-second decision to leave her four-year old son in the car while she ran into a store. What happened would consume the next several years of her life and compel her to investigate the broader role America's culture of fear plays in parenthood. Brooks offers a provocative, compelling portrait of parenthood in America and calls us to examine what we most value in our relationships with our children and one another.

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