Today the 24th of November 2010 we are releasing the debut album from Boeoes Kaelstigen. It is called Tanum Teleport and comes with the official Boeoes Kaelstigen socks.

Visit the release parties:

Malmö (Tonight)
Stockholm (on Friday)

To get a hold on the CD and the socks go to:

Record Store Rundgång – Malmö
Aplace Fashion Store – Stockholm
Adrian Recordings Webshop

Tanum Teleport
The year is 2038, when the infamous Unix Millennium Bug is supposed to have wiped out all contemporary infrastructure. The Nordic region is trying to pull itself together, and the old satellite telecommunications station in western Sweden becomes the headquarters. Tanum Teleport is a combination of the past's old torn down structures, colored with the hope of a joint pan European future.

Boeoes Kaelstigen’s previous two works has been purely instrumental journeys, but when working on a remix for moody Swedish star Jonathan Johansson they discovered what a human voice can do in a waste land. On their debut album they have invited both Stefan Storm of international stars The Sound of Arrows and Malmö new noise newcomers MF/MB/.

Cover art: Martin & Martin.
Flag Consultant: Iris Rauden Källstigen.
The Socks
Since dawn of time, mankind has been in urgent need of warming her feet. For a long time, the only way to gain warmth was to stick them inside a newly slaughtered animal.

Behold the Boeoes Kaelstigen Socks!

Comes in two sizes: 36-40 & 40-45.
Fits all netizens.
Made in Sweden.
2010-11-24     Babel – Malmö (S)     Release party
2010-11-26     SolnaHQ - Stockholm (S)     Release Party
2010-12-10     Sameheads - Berlin (DE)     
2011-02-19     Loppen - Christiania (DK)
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