Richard Herring Newsletter
August 2015
The Twelve Shows are coming!
Hello everyone
It's August, but for the first time in 12 years I will not be spending the best part of the month in Edinburgh. In fact I've never spent August in my house at Hercules Terrace in all the time I've lived here. At the moment I don't feel bad about this. I think I feel relieved. I wish all the performers and punters heading north the best of luck. Enjoy the whirlwind of paranoia, self-obsession and disappointment. And have a drink for me (I might be up for one night in the middle as my wife is doing the book festival).
I don't know why I am feeling relaxed, because what I am doing instead is much more stressful....
The Twelve Shows of Herring

I am doing all 11 of my solo shows, plus Happy Now? over six weekends in August and September. You can get tickets to individual shows, but you get discounts if you buy for three or more, or six or more and to see all 12 is only £100 plus you get a one-off hand-drawn and signed T-shirt that I will have created for you.
At the moment sales are a little bit low, which is perhaps apt. It would be nice if the theatre was at least half full for all of the shows - if you think you know anyone who might be interested then please pass on details. I am attaching the leaflet for the show which you are welcome to forward on to anyone you like!
7th August Christ on a Bike
8th August Talking Cock
14th August 12 Tasks of Hercules Terrace
15th August Someone Likes Yoghurt
21st August menage a un
22nd August Oh F*** I'm 40
28th August The Headmaster's Son
29th August Hitler Moustache
4th September What is Love Anyway?
5th September We're All Going To Die!
11th September Lord of the Dance Settee
12th September Happy Now?
The Twelve Shows of Herring Podcast
For those of you who can't make it to London (or for those who can but want some extra background) I am going to do a podcast documenting the run and playing clips from the shows (doubtless of the stuff that goes wrong). I may also make the shows available for a small charge on audio download.
The intro podcast will be up very soon on the British Comedy Guide and iTunes.
Happy Now?
I will be touring the new show in the autumn of 2015 and the spring of 2016. I am mainly only going to places where I sell pretty well, so it's worth booking ahead. A few more dates will be added (including Cheddar and Sutton Coldfield), but here's all the confirmed dates.
We've recorded all 18 episodes of series 7 now and we're putting them out one a week (the one with Johnny Vegas has just gone up). I think this is the best series yet, there are some real belters to come. We will be starting up another kickstarter campaign to attempt to fund series 8 which we start recording on Sunday afternoons from late September. Support us if you can, if only by spreading the word to other comedy fans.
You can see them on youtube, vimeo and iTunes on video for free (as well as audio on iTunes and the British Comedy Guide)
Remember monthly subscribers will be the first to find out the big name guests via their own secret newsletter. Keep your eye on my Twitter feed and the LST website for details.

August gigs
I will be previewing Happy Now? and trying out bits for the other shows here. See my gig guide for details (or google if I haven't updated)
1st Kings Cross and Hitchin
3rd Betsey Trotwood
4th Comedy Cirque
6th Phoenix Fringe
10th Betsey Trotwood
11th Haggerston
12th Croydon
13th Croydon
17th Betsey Trotwood
18th Haggerston
24th Betsey Trotwood
25th Good Ship Kilburn
26th Haggerston
27th Haggerston
30th High Wycombe
Other attempts to make money to create brand new internet content and hopefully a new monthly series of AIOTM in 2016 include:
My ebay page - weekly additions of old scripts, Lee and Herring memorabilia and poorly drawn T-shirts and signed snooker balls. All the money goes to future internet projects.
Monthly subscriptions - Pay a pound (or more) a month (or make a one-off donation) in return for a badge, entry into a monthly prize draw, access to a secret channel of exclusive extras (like additional backstage interviews at RHLSTP) and a badge.
Phoebe is going to be 6 months old this month, which is unbelievable. She's a very happy little girl and a muscial prodigy.
See you next month
Richard Herring