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eFlightPlan - Jun 2015
Vol 3 Issue 6 June 2015

eFlightPlan brings you snippets and snapshots from our various information platforms, including links to our full Flying Tips articles from our bimonthly Pilot Getaways Magazine — available in print and digital formats! We continue to expand with new product options.

And, as we move forward converting and uploading our back-issues catalog of more than 16 years of Pilot Getaways magazines, we will explore a featured back issue each month.

We've always helped you have fun with your airplane at a plethora of pilot-friendly destinations, from unmarked backcountry strips to exclusive fly-in resorts! Pilot Getaways now offers multiple avenues to access this unparalleled travel resource for pilots and their flying companions—be they family, friends, or our non-human pals.

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The May/Jun issue of Pilot Getaways Magazine features some great destinations to kick-off the summer flying season!

Santa Fe, N.M. — If you're an art lover, Santa Fe will soon become one of your favorite destinations. In a town of only 70,000, Santa Fe boasts over 250 galleries and a dense concentration of museums, making it one of America's three top art markets based on sale.

Pilot Getaways Magazine

Each summer, hundreds of thousands of collectors and art devotees gather during the city's blockbuster market weekends: the International Folk Art Market, the traditional Spanish and Contemporary Hispanic markets, and Santa Fe Indian Market. And there are countless other festivals, markets, lectures, symposiums, and performances on the calendar.

Managing Editor Crista V. Worthy takes you on a tour through Santa Fe's major cultural


institutions and festivals, which this year are cooperating to produce the "Summer of Color," centered on Museum Hill and radiating across the city. Of all the festivals, perhaps the most heartwarming is the International Folk Art Market (IFAM), where over 150 artists from 63 countries around the world gather to present their hand-made, culturally significant art. The quality is astounding, and where else can you bond with artists from Cuba, Myanmar, Oman, Pakistan, India, Peru, Swaziland, Madagascar, Afghanistan, Cameroon, and Lao PDR in one afternoon?

Later in the summer, you can check out the Santa Fe Indian Market, the largest and most prestigious juried Native arts show in the world. When it's time to turn in, marvel at the details everywhere you look inside the Mary Colter-designed, Fred Harvey-era La Fonda on the Plaza, which recently underwent a phenomenal restoration.

Finally, Santa Fe is a hub for fine cuisine that's authentically New Mexican. Whether you want fresh-from-the-garden nouveau, a smoky carne adovada, or simply the best green-chile cheeseburger, you've come to the right place.

Read the whole article in the May/Jun issue of Pilot Getaways Magazine!

Redbird Skyport Rated a Top FBO

San Marcos, Texas- Redbird Skyport FBO was voted Fourth Place in the Top 50 U.S. FBOs category in FltPlan.com's 2015 Pilots' Choice Awards. Redbird finished just behind three large metropolitan FBOs at Teterboro Airport, Dallas Love Field, and Dallas Fort Worth Airport.

Skyport was also ranked the No. 1 Star FBO, a ranking determined by using the number of votes together with airport arrival data to take into account airport traffic as well as the amount of competition.

Since it opened in 2011, Skyport has been recognized every year in the Pilots’ Choice Awards.


Last year, the FBO was ranked No. 12 in the U.S. In 2013, Skyport earned both the Star FBO and ACE FBO awards.

The FBO offers 100LL and Jet-A fuel, hangar space, rental and courtesy cars, a pilot lounge, and flight planning room.

Redbird Skyport is home to an advanced flight school with state-of-the-art Redbird Flight Simulators. They also produce RedHawk 172 aircraft, which are M-, N-, or P-model Cessna 172s that have been taken down to bare metal, rebuilt with new parts, equipped with updated avionics designed for flight training, and fitted with new, Jet-A-burning, Continental Motors Centurion turbo-diesel engines, 512-878-6670, www.RedbirdSkyport.com.


Alpine Airpark
Redbird SkyPort

Recreational Aviation Foundation

Van's Aircraft

SkyChick Adventures

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SkyChick Adventures


VOR & Glideslope Checks
More Than Just a Good Idea
by Crista V. Worthy

When I first met my husband Fred, he'd been a pilot for decades, but hadn't flown in years. I expressed a big interest in flying, so he took refresher courses, got current, and then we rented a Cessna 172 and flew a short day trip along the coastline. The next trip in the same aircraft was flown at night from Santa Monica Airport (SMO) to Las Vegas, a trip my husband had made numerous times in the past. I knew nothing about any of the instruments, but he explained to me that we were using the VORs to navigate (this was in 1995). After a couple of hours aloft, he commented that we should be seeing the glow of the city ahead, and yet, we saw nothing but blackness as we hummed over the desert. Finally he said, "You know, we are lost. The VOR must not be operating correctly." He called up ATC; they found us on radar and gave us vectors toward the city. After half an hour, we saw the glow of lights behind the mountains and landed uneventfully.

We flew home during daylight via the infamous IFF system (I Follow Freeways, in this case Interstate 15), and when we returned the aircraft, we told the FBO what had happened. The owner, a former Pakistani Air Force pilot who went by the name of—no kidding—Roger, said, "Oh yes, the VORs in that airplane are highly unreliable." Gee, it might have helped if he'd told us that before we departed...

(read the full article)

Hartzell Trailblazer Sweepstakes

Piqua, Ohio — Hartzell Propeller, Inc. has launched a Trailblazer Sweepstakes in collaboration with the Recreational Aviation Foundation (RAF) and the Seaplane Pilots Association (SPA). The winner will be announced at Oshkosh on July 29, 2015, and will be given a choice between one of two exciting pilot adventures: an expense-paid backcountry flying trip, or a float-flying trip, with the opportunity to earn a seaplane rating. The sweepstakes is designed to highlight the qualities of Hartzell's new propeller, called the "Trailblazer."


Hartzell president Joe Brown said, "This new carbon fiber prop is specifically designed for takeoff and climb performance, making it an ideal propeller for bush flying and float plane adventures." The Trailblazer's all-carbon-fiber construction features a replaceable nickel-cobalt leading edge to cope with the demands of backcountry and bush flying, where dirt, gravel, or grass can strike the prop’s leading edge. The carbon fiber structural component is more than five times stronger than beechwood and more than ten times stronger than spruce.

The sweepstakes is open to any legal U.S. resident who has an active pilot license, current medical certificate, and is at least 21 years old on date of entry. Pilots may enter the sweepstakes during the first few days of EAA's AirVenture fly-in at Oshkosh, Wisc., which begins July 20, or online any time at www.HartzellProp.com/sweepstakes.


Since Pilot Getaways started publication in 1998, many subscribers have written to us about trips they have taken after reading about particular destinations featured in the magazine. We're featuring a reader-written getaway in select issues of eFlightPlan. Check out all of the Reader Getaways in our blog!

Lake Lawn Resort in Delavan

It was some random weeknight a couple months ago and my wife got a call from her longtime friend. I could tell from one side of the phone call that they'd set a date and place for their wedding. Our friend is an international traveler, so I was expecting some far off destination wedding in the Caribbean or Mexico, but instead I heard Wisconsin. "Wisconsin, huh?" I said, "Well, at least it's in the summer." It was going to be at a popular lakeside wedding destination in Delavan called Lake Lawn Resort, near Lake Geneva.

Nemacolin Woodlands Resort

As any GA pilot does the first thing, I looked up what would be closest airport to fly there. But what's this? They have their own airport? This trip is getting better already! Once I knew where we were flying into, I took a look at the resort's website and its amenities and I was impressed. Our friend picked a great weekend wedding getaway, the perfect place for a "have-plane-will-travel" mindset.

I love flying into resorts like this; Grand Geneva, French Lick Springs, and Gaston's White River are just to name few in the Midwest. They offer great convenience for pilots and make for great personal or family adventures with memories to last. Lake Lawn Resort is one of these special gems and should be on the checklist for every pilot's getaway destinations...

(Read more)

- Steven Wood, St. Louis, MO

Have you had a great vacation based on something you read in Pilot Getaways? We'd love to share your experiences with other readers!
Send your stories (and photos if you have them) to eFlightPlan@pilotgetaways.com and we'll publish some of them in our monthly bulletin,
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Featured Back Issue of the Month
November/December 2013

Nov/Dec 2013

Ramona Cox flies her Cessna TU206 with Stephanie Schutz over the southern California coastal city of Carlsbad. Photo by George A. Kounis



Why wait until the last minute why not start planning your unforgettable holiday flying vacation? This issue features adventures across the country that are suitable for families as well as romance for couples.

With mild weather, sunny beaches, and luxurious spas, not to mention the Legoland Theme Park and a new Legoland Hotel, our cover story, Carlsbad, Calif., is a real treat for kids and their parents.

Pilots flock to McCall, Idaho, for excellent winter sports and a unique carnival held at the end of January.

Branson, Mo., is one of America's entertainment capitals, and they really put on a show at Christmas.

Enjoy downhill and Nordic skiing, tubing, snowmobiling, and snowshoeing at Deep Creek Lake, Md., but the lake is also an elegant setting for romantic candlelit dinners or long snowy walks.

Whichever adventure you pick, get your digital copy today at PGLinks.net/Digital.

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