Greetings Bills Backers of Boston!
Thanks for packing the Harp for the first three weeks. The close losses have been tough, but week 2’s celebration was so crazy it was probably heard back in New York state. Definitely set the bar for the season. Let’s hope EJ uncorks a few long balls and we sack the Ravens this week.
Just wanted to alert everyone to a Boston “first” for your thirst for gamedays at the Harp, and give a heads up about next week’s Thursday Night Football game.
New on Draft
First up – we’d like to welcome the newest member of our Sundays at the Harp – Labatt Blue Light on DRAFT!!
Our unscientific survey of bars in the area leads us to believe we are the first and only bar in Boston to have Blue Light on draft, and we can’t thank the Harp management enough for working with their distributor to make this happen. (Also thanks to the distributor for the free shirts we handed out in week 2!)
To our members who prefer regular Labatt Blue we apologize for this change, but our gameday demand for Blue Light has been consistently higher for the past two seasons. The Harp will continue selling the remaining Blue Light bottles in stock until they run out, then it'll be draft only for the remainder of the season. As always we’re open to comments and can evaluate our draft offering for next season based on how the rest of this season goes.
Thursday Night Football
In week 5, the Bills and Cleveland face off on October 3 for Thursday Night Football! This also happens to be the same night as the Bruins home opener across the street at the Garden. The Harp is having a pregame hockey kickoff party upstairs with giveaways and a band. However they have given our group the entire downstairs bar and dining area for the Bills game to be on in HD with audio so you’re not stuck next to Sully in his Lucic jersey at the bar while trying to cheer on the Bills.
The majority of the Bruins crowd will clear out at puck drop (7pm) while the Bills don’t’ kickoff til (8:25pm), so there shouldn’t be any issues with crowds for our group when you arrive. Just an FYI the Bruins audio will be on upstairs. Prefer the main bar or meeting some Bruins fans that are coming out? No problem. They’ll have the Bills on a few TVs upstairs, with the remainder on the hockey game.
We’ll have all our normal specials, Carl will be DJ’ing during commercials, and we’ll have SHOUT ready to go. So come on out and show those Bruins fans what read fans sound like when we rock the Harp.
For your listening enjoyment, here’s this week’s Bills Rap:
Thanks again for your continued support! GO BILLS!!
-Bills Backers of Boston