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Upcoming Events at BookShop West Portal
Autumn Leaf

Saturday and Sunday, November 18 and 19
All books, cards and gifts will be 20% off.

Strangers We Know

A Sneak Preview of the upcoming world premier Word for Word show
STRANGERS WE KNOW (coming in January!)
Thursday, November 30 at 8 PM

In Mavis Gallant's beautiful story, a wildly conservative, proper and lonely French widow takes a look at her exotic tenant, revealing a changing Paris and an enduring hope. Take a trip across the Atlantic in this sneak peek reading and discover how love, longing, and wit can catch the heart off-guard and blow it open, revealing the strangers we know.

Veterans of War, Veterans of Peace

Veterans of War, Veterans of Peace
Tuesday, December 5 at 7 PM

For more than twelve years, acclaimed author Maxine Hong Kingston, author of China Men, has led writing workshops for veterans and their families. In Veterans of War, Veterans of Peace, Kingston brings together the fiction, real-life narrative, and poetry of these men and women. Joining Kingston at BookShop West Portal will be five contributors, including a retired Army officer, a peace activist, and an advocate for civilian women who served during the Vietnam conflict. Kingston's award-winning memoir, Woman Warrior, is being honored this year on the 30th anniversary of its publication by the National Book Foundation and the Asian American Writers' Workshop.