Learn Dutch Fast, September 14th 2015

Dear ,


Just a short newsletter to let you know about the Upcoming Events
and a new Facebook Page that I made for the 25th anniversary of Learn Dutch Fast.
Plus an update about the LOOPbaandag Program.


First, let me tell you about the new Facebookpage:

In the last 25 years, I have seen many common mistakes people make when speaking Dutch.
I used these to create the 5-Minute Fixes. I will post these once a week. They look like this:


What would you like to see in these 5-minute fixes?


About the courses:

The pilot of the LOOPbaandag Program has started!
In this program, Evelyn from Twinburgering and I will teach 5 lessons of 3 hrs
for people who aspire to work in the "Zorg" (= (health) care).

It is going very well, and we will start a new group in November.

The final event of this project will be the "LOOPbaandag" on January 22nd 2016,
a network event where we will match people with job offers and people looking for a job.


Due to late cancellation: room for 1 more person in next week's level 1 course

Dutch level 1.5


Also room for 1 more person in my anniversary event: click here.


An overview of all planned courses & events:


Enjoy your Dutch life!





Winner of the European Award of Teaching (2003)

Nominated for the European Award of Teaching (2014)


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