Dear MostlyFiction readers,
I guess I'm not fully into the swing of things yet... I FORGOT to send a newsletter the last day of February!  
As I list the reviews that we posted I see that we have been as eclectic in our reading as ever.  Still, I think there should be at least one book just for you out of this collection!  Which book will most likely read?
By the way, if you are a Kindle reader, please "LIKE" our Facebook page for updates -- I often let you know if there is a Kindle book that we liked in the past that is being offered at a bargain price. It's an inexpensive way to add quality books to your virtual library.  That said, we always want you to support your favorite local physical bookstore...  but a lot of the books we recommend might not be found locally unless it is special ordered. If you decide to order through Amazon, be sure to click on our title link to Amazon to purchase it.  Thanks!
Books published in February 2014:
Books published in January 2014:
Our reviews for books published prior to 2014:

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Happy Reading!

       Judi Clark
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