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On Second Thought~ Mid-Month News-Sage Hill Farms~

Sage Hill Farms and Vintage Store

Been waiting for the holidays? Relax, arrived just in time!

All year should be sprinkled with a certain amount of Bliss through-out our day, And the Holidays of November and December just speak ‘Bliss.’ to me…so, the newsletter of these months will focus on bringing/allowing Bliss into every fiber of our day.

Firstly, we begin with our thoughts--what we think about, we bring about.
Our thoughts become our words, our words become our actions, and our actions become our reality.

‘The’ most blissful treat we can gift our being is….what we choose to eat. Understood, holidays are the most tempting of all times, so much of everything, everywhere we look. But, it is a simple matter of saying ‘no,’ to the negative foods/drink. Just because it is there doesn’t mean we must indulge…pick and choose…carefully.

Infuse some whimsy and humor into the day, laugh and sing and dance….even when alone. Enjoy hot tea or raw apple cider in the most elegant cup you own. Sassafras, a n herbal tree that Lends itself to many folk remedies and has some ‘first’ associated with. (Awesome tea)
1.…the bark was one of the first New World exports to other countries.
2.…the roots flavored the first North American “Root-beer “

Add Essential oils to the bath, soak and meditate while listening to meditative words that allow you to clear the chatter from with-in.

Listen…when others speak~
Think…before speaking~
Be kind, and generous, and non-judgmental~
Pray and be grateful for ‘being.’

A Few Of My Favorite Things~

*Soft cotton and crispy linen~
*White and earthy colors~
*Smoked Salmon on Pumpernickel with Shallots, Dill, and Preserved Lemon Cream~
*Patchouli & Sandalwood blended as a facial oil (1 oz jojoba oil, 1 Tbsp wheat germ oil, 1 Tbsp rosehip oil, 2 drops sandalwood oil and 2 drops patchouli~)
*Meditation with ‘Jeanie Marshall’~
*Living with Purpose~
*Giving back~

And sharing special things with ‘you.’ =1&theater

An invitation from Mark Woods and The Troop Aid group…if you find yourself in or around Nashville , Tennessee on Dec. 5th…stop in at the ‘Red Rooster’ and “Give A Little To The Troops” Christmas Benefit….awesome work by caring folks for our Military Troops…A mighty cause indeed ~

If…you can’t make the event, connect with Mark at the above link and donate a gift of cash. Every dollar counts. Thank you~

Good Books ~

Good Business Info-Group

Good Music

May your Thanksgiving be filled with Thankfulness~
From The Sage Hill Farms family to your family ……

Bea Rigsby-Kunz~
Sage Hill Herb Farm
32 Old Petersburg Pike
Petersburg, Tennessee-37144