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April 2011


Please check the calendar for meeting room change in April and date change for May


Table of Contents


·       Donations

·       GF 101

·       Meetings are at the Heart Hospital

·       Sharing Information – *please send me recipes, reviews and more*

·       Calendar – GIG of Central Arkansas

·       Children’s Corner by Sherri blowing out eggs; GF candy list for Easter

·       Children Summer CampsCamp Winnamocka in AR

·       Vacation Time

·      College


Please send donations to our GIGCA treasurer, Terri Murdoch. Make checks payable to GFCA until we change our name with the bank too.

11 Berwyn Dr

Little Rock, AR 72227  

Phone: 501-312-1689


Gluten Free 101 classes are held on demand. Please contact either Terri Murdoch or me for more information on classes in Little Rock.  LaDonna Brock has moved. She is now available for GF 101 in Hot Springs. She can be contacted by email at or by phone 501-262-4299


Meetings are at the Heart Hospital

Please feel free to bring in home baked or store bought foods you would like to share with the group.


Each month Drug Emporium is kindly donating GF food for us to try. 


This room is located in a building behind the main hospital. When you drive in from the stoplight, you will be facing the hospital. Go to the right. When you come to the stop sign, go left.  This takes you behind the hospital.  The building with the Fireplace Room will be on the right with a sign that says ANNEX. There is convenient parking in front of the building and we can ignore the HR ONLY parking signs as it is after hours.


Arkansas Heart Hospital

1701 South Shackleford Road

Little Rock, AR 72211


Going south on I-430, take exit 5 and turn right onto Shackleford. Hospital is on the right.


Going north on I-430, take exit 5 and turn left onto Shackleford. Hospital is on the right.


For questions contact

Anne Luther                                                                                                                                      



Sharing information

We would love to hear from you. Here are some subjects that would be of interest:

1) Recipes

2) Product reviews

3) Restaurant reviews

4) Information on GF traveling

5) Your story

6) Anything you would like to share with the group


Calendar for GIGCA

  Monday, April 18th, 6-8pm “Popcorn and a Movie” We will watch more of the video from Health Now.  If you were at the January meeting, you heard Dr. Rodney Ford speak. This night we will hear Cynthia Kupper, RD who is the Executive Director of GIG. For this meeting we have to move to the Administrative Conference Room on the 3rd Floor of the main hospital. You may park in front and go in through the main entrance.


Wednesday, May 11th, 7-9pm. I am pleased to announce that Dr. Kenneth Fine will be stopping by to speak to our group. He is the founder and current director of Enterolab. As many of you know he started offering tests for gluten sensitivity, intestinal absorption, genetic tests and tests for other food sensitivities directly to the public through Enterolab. He long ago recognized that gluten sensitivity without celiac disease is a very common problem and that people with non-celiac gluten sensitivity do not test positive using tests specific for celiac disease. You can find out more about Dr. Fine and Enterolab on his websites:


 Please RSVP for Dr. Fine’s meeting so we can be sure to have enough chairs for everyone.



Monday, June 20th, 6-8pm – Paula Dempsey will be talking about the opening of her gluten free bakery, "Dempsey Bakery" Your Gluten Free and Specialty Baker. Yes, that is right; Little Rock is going to have a bakery without gluten! The bakery will also make special items for special needs beyond gluten free. Other stores will also carry the GF bakery items.   Come and hear all about this bakery. Samples will be served.  Please note that there is a possibility that this meeting will be held at the Dempsey Bakery so, be sure to check the newsletter calendar.



Children's Corner

Funny how kids' minds work.  I always filled my boys Easter baskets with their favorite goodies.  One day, my younger son articulated that he wanted a basket that was pretty, like the ones that were sold in the stores.  That was the year I started wrapping my baskets in cellophane and putting a bow on top!


Thankfully, Easter is a holiday that is easy to keep gluten free.  Dyed eggs or Jello Jiggler eggs are safe, plus there are lots of gluten free candies. (See the attached list.)  But if you really want to be creative, you can make confetti eggs, or cascarones in Spanish, which are gluten free and cheap. You will need to start the process a few weeks in advance and give yourself extra time to make them, but I bet your children will love them.  My adult sons still talk about how much fun they had the year I made them.


 First, gently poke holes in both ends of an uncooked egg, one to blow on and the other for the contents of the egg to come out.  Then rinse the egg shell and let it dry.  (You can dye them.)  Once thoroughly dry, add a SMALL amount of confetti and seal with a tiny piece of moistened tissue paper.  The best part is the fun they will have finding the eggs and cracking them on each other's heads.  (This is why you don't put a lot of confetti in them, so no one gets a headache.)


Here are some helpful tips on blowing-out eggs.


Here is a list of GF candy for Easter 2011  This is a great guide but it is still important to read every label every time you buy a product as ingredients can change.


Happy Easter!      


Children’s Camps

Mary wrote, Camp Winnamocka in Arkadelphia serves GF food.  The mother of the owner has Celiac Disease and does most of the cooking for the camp.  My son Michael attended the camp until he aged out and it was a Godsend.  It's more expensive than most of the camps in AR but it's worth every penny we paid.  Nicki is the owner and manager and they should contact her for any questions.  I highly recommend this camp as opposed to sending them out of state.”

Camp Winnamocka
#68 Fort Jackson Road
Arkadelphia, AR 71923
Phone: (870)246-4599 Fax: (870)246-6345





Camp Fire USA is again offering a gluten-free week of summer camp to boys and girls entering 3rd grade and up in the fall.  This session will be offered June 19-26. For more information go to  Phone: 918-592-2267


Vacation  Time

Summer will be here before we know it and time for vacations. If you are visiting the Gulf Shore in Alabama, you may want to check out this restaurant on Dauphin Island.

“I have been visiting Dauphin Island, AL this week and want to endorse Barnacle Bills at the foot of the bridge as you enter the island.  I went in with trepidation as much of their offerings were breaded and fried.  I mentioned to my waiter that I was gf, and he said, "our owner is, too!"  The owner directly supervised the prep of my meal, a delicious filet of grilled grouper and cole slaw. 


We dined at a slow time, which probably made this easier to do, but I can't say how comforting it was to have a delightful, interested waiter, and "one of us" at the helm!

When in Dauphin Island, be sure to visit Barnacle Bill's!”



I will be heading to Alaska on a cruise later this year. I will write up a review of the trip ~ Anne



Are you traveling? We would love to hear from you about your trip.



Heading to college? You may want to download the “Gluten Free Guide to College” from the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness. There is also a link to “Celiacs and College: Tips for Parents and Prospective Students” on this page.



Articles and Abstracts

This is from Dr. Vikki Petersen’s of Health Now. She wrote about the purpose of the appendix.

Did you think it was unlikely that you possessed a body part that had no function?  I know I did.  Researchers in the field of clinical nutrition have now discovered the truth. Much like the tonsils, that used to be removed with great abandon prior to discovering the role they played in health, we now know the importance and role of the appendix.


It turns out that the appendix houses probiotics. What are probiotics?  They are a major constituent of the intestinal immune system consisting of 100s of trillions of organisms. You have 6 to 10 times more (at least you should have) of these organisms in your gut than you have cells in your body!  

To read more go to: