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Sage Hill Farms-February Musings~

Mid-winter and little to do around the grounds…however, the perfect time to read, research, plan, dream…of all things “gardening.”

Everywhere the eye wanders, the image of new beds, flower spills, vegetable trellises’ and perhaps a tree will work here!

With another three to four months before the outside activity can be on full alert…makes me stop and reflect on how long the winter seems up to the now. Been a hard one so far and more to come. But, there is a very good side to the extreme cold-freezing-times…kills all those nasty insects that thought over-wintering in the garden soil was a grand idea… fitting…they chose their last resting ground and will add life after death to the gardens

I know, I know…February is the month of Love-aka..Valentine’s Day..(And don’t send me nasty emails after reading this please)…..I don’t advocate candy, flowers, commercial-over the counter gifts for this or any other special day. (If it’s your thing-that’s ok) I will take a simple loving statement, a long conversation, a dance, a musical, a walk on the beach or in the woods. Color me Happy!

Good reads you might enjoy…..

Farm Anatomy…The Curious Parts and Pieces of Country Life-A book that dissects everything from chickens to tractors.
The Curious Parts and Pieces of Country Life

Reminder…if you are going to need compost in the spring/summer …start now…

Earthworms digest organic matter and turn it into rich castings that plants/soil love.

To start a worm composting system, fill a worm bin half full with bedding, such as shredded newspaper or leaves mixed with some soil and sand…moisten. Bury vegetable scraps, crushed eggshells and coffee/tea grinds. (Avoid meats, bones, dairy, onions and garlic…anything cooked is a no-no)

Add about a pound of earthworms per pound of food matter. Keep the pile moist and replenish with food every week. By spring you will have rich, healthy compost matter.

TIP…if you are growing your garden to bring healthy food to your table/or to offer to others as a healthier alternative to standard market food…you must start with Organic or Heirloom seed…otherwise, you will be planting chemical saturated and GMO contaminated seed.

Looking for education on a healthier way of living through your food sources—

Gardening and avoiding GMO’s in your food—

Growing/understanding and using herbs for healthy results.

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Wishing you a Fabulous February~
Bea….Sage Hill Farms