Stitchin', Bitchin' and  Running for the Hills (or for charity) 19th April 2007

Leftover-Easter-Egg-Chocolate-Cornflake Cake Flavoured Greetings to You People of the Knit

We hope that this newsletter finds you very well, and that you are feeling summery enough to start knitting some kind of ‘just something I knitted up to ward off the evening chill while sipping wine on the terrace’ shawl, wrap or poncho.

This week’s meeting in the tourist-drench middle of Covent Garden was a musical affair with several of us accompanying the show-tunes singing busker (some nice Joseph chorus singing there), small homemade treats being wolfed thanks to our newest newbie, and pipe-dream plans of a S&BL weekend away being batted around.


Almost outdoor knitting was a huge success so roll on summer when we can knit on grass.

Stitch and Sprint (or rather run, or maybe walk after a bit)

This weekend is the London marathon. Hats off to all the people who run it. But hats off even more to Susie Hewer who is running it knittingin aid of The Alzheimer's Research Trust! Yes, you heard us right. She is running and knitting! The lady is a marvel.

We are teaming up with Cast Off knitting group to support her by meeting up and waving our needles at her as she passes by.

It would be great if you could make it along to cheer her on, meet some other knitters and witness a London tradition if you haven’t before.

SUNDAY 22nd April

Time: 11:30 AM
Venue: The Grapes Pub
76 Narrow Street



Nearest station: Limehouse DLR

If you are worried about not finding us then email us here for a contact number.

Stitch and Tales of the Riverbank

Details of the next meeting:

We are back at QEH again for a bit of South Bank knitting. Grab yourself a drink from the café or bar, steal a chair, get out your latest half-baked creation and knit in London public. Do not be surprised if people to-ing and –fro-ing from the performance stop near you and smile at you in a “I used to knit” way, it happens a lot at QEH…

WEDNESDAY 25th April
Time: From 6 PM
Venue: Queen Elizabeth Hall Level 2 Terrace Bar
Queen Elizabeth Hall
Belvedere Road

Tel: 020 7921 0758


Nearest tube:  Waterloo, Embankment

Stitch and Swabbing the Decks

Details of the next meeting:

MONDAY 30th March
Time: From 6 PM
Venue: The TS Queen Mary
Savoy Pier
Victoria Embankment




Nearest tube: Embankment, Temple, Charing Cross

Stitch and Sunshine in the Cinema

Knitflicks are knitting once more at the Ritzy cinema in Brixton

This month they will be watching Sunshine at 11.45am on Saturday the 21st April.

Go knit, eat popcorn, enjoy the show, knit some more.


 That is all the news we have for you this week. Sorry about that. Normally there are links to click, pics to look at, and fascinating knitting bits get your needles into, but we have no time at all in this week. So we promise a better one next week. For old newsletters (which were much more informative and humourous) click here .

Hope to see you all Sunday at the marathon, or if not then at QEH. Welcome knitting newbies (and special welcome to FridayCities knitters who seem to have joined in force this week).


Happy knitting and remember to stretch

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