September, and All is Changing in the Gardens

At first glance the beds look empty and a little sad, but after a reflective moment, the visual of the fall/winter gardens begin to fill the gaps and all is once again in balance.

For those who have requested information on planting garlic: You can plant this herb for harvesting in the spring/early summer or for harvesting in the fall.

I plant in the fall, at least by October 15th; garlic does much better if it has the cold winter months as an incubation period. It's a bulb - makes sense, does it not?

Do You Know~ Swiss Chard has been in development for 2000 years. A descendant of the sea beet, it is a perennial still found growing along the European coastline.

Ancient Greeks and Romans cultivated several types for the leaves. Later selection shifted to developing the plantsÂ’ large root, resulting in the beets we know today.

If you allow chard to grow very large and pay attention to the root, you will see the kinship to the beet.

Headlines To Pay Attention To ~

Lots of talk about the Swine Flu threat, and while I don't buy into all the media has to say, I do know we are subject to be hit with any number of ills from the path we have been scheduled to follow.

My suggestion is to load your system with the best nutrition and the highest level of anti-oxidant/anti-Viral foods and supplements you can find. Healthy and strong immune systems are much better at warding off any negative threat.

For some really worth-while information visit this link. I totally trust Mike Adams and his matter the subject.

Other Good Options To Know And Follow~

This is also a good time to integrate Essential Oils and herbs into your daily routine.
Faye Durham is an expert in the Essential Oil department; she is educated in, and an avid practitioner of what she teaches. You can find awesome information at the links below.

Quote: "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”
Hippocrates...two-and-one-half-thousand-years ago.

People and Places We Know And Love~

Heidi Caswell

Leslie Freude

Looking for a fabulous read?
Robert Magarian

Tip: Sage Hill Farms now has fresh dried herbs for your culinary pleasure.

It's the time of year to add some punch to the foods we depend on to optimize our systems for the coming seasons of fall and winter.

During the month of September and for my newsletter readers 2 get one free - your choice from the website listings. (Just send me an email after you place your order and I'll include your free pick.) **Lavender not a free choice** sorry...running low already.

Have a safe and fun Labor Day and a Sassy September~

Bea Kunz