Richard Herring Newsletter
November 2016
Have you ever seen a ghost?
There's only two months of 2016 to go, but surely nothing else bad can happen now. There's nothing significant coming up that might result in all of our deaths... oh.
But let's laugh away the rising tide of fascism and hatred and try to pretend it's not happening, by asking people about ham hands and such. Here's my November news.
Series 10 of RHLSTP is well under way, with the Caitlin Moran interview leap-frogging its way to the front of the queue and coming out on Wednesday.
But still some great guests to come
31st October Dawn French and Deborah Frances-White (might be SOLD OUT - check with theatre for returns)
7th November TONY "Time Team" ROBINSON (he might have done something else) and TOM "Murder in Successville" DAVIS
21st November SARAH MILLICAN and TBC
28th November David Baddiel and LUCY PORTER
TBC will be announced next week. In a series that looked like being dominated by male guests and then by female guests, in the end it's 10-8 to the men! WE ROCK!
You can watch the series on video on Youtube
(also vimeo and iTunes)
Or listen at the British Comedy Guide
The first two episode records have been a blast and we've got some really good (as well as some embarrassingly shoddy) stuff to show you. You can hear the two bonus audio episodes that we've recorded just for fun on the British Comedy Guide and iTunes, but the video ones will be out in Spring 2017 when we've got all the filming done. 
There are still tickets for all remaining performances so you can see what's going on months before everyone else (and see all the funny bits where it goes wrong) -buy tickets to the live shows here.
The next one is on November 13th at the Leicester Square Theatre.
Support us if you can. We need the door money to pay for toaster robots and suchlike.
If you didn't join in with the kickstarter and want to contribute (we are currently heading over budget) PLUS get to see loads of extras, get the video episodes before anyone else and see longer versions of the shows and sketches) then you can pay £15 for a series pass here.
You can see videos of the audio episodes, the opening titles and a travelogue from my time in America at the moment and loads more is going to get added in. All your money will be ploughed back into making more content.
The Best
My next tour which will be a Best Of... called Richard Herring: The Best. Buying tickets now would be the perfect Christmas gift. For me. If my tours don't sell well I can't afford to do all the other rubbish!
We now have the tour pretty much sorted out. You can see all the dates here. Most of them are already on sale, but check with the venues if they're not.
The upcoming gigs are
Monthly Badgers
If you want to help us continue to produce our online content then you can buy a one off or a monthly badge. Ideally I'd like to get to a stage where everyone giving us a pound a month pays for the 50+ podcasts I produce each year. So if you feel that my output is worth a tiny contribution (you can give a massive one if you wish) please head to gofasterstripe to check out the new designs (and those platinum badges are going to be quite a rarity so might be worth paying a bit more for).
Happy Now?
The DVD should be out very soon and certainly in time for Christmas. I will send you another email when it is ready!
Have a great November. Watch out for the fireworks when you're celebrating Ian Gunpowder. By the next time we communicate Donald Trump might be in control of the nuclear codes. Happy Halloween.
Richard Herring