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Twin-Hand Movement

Release Date: 23rd August 2010
Label: Gnomonsong
Cat No: GONG17

Swarming guitar fuzz, bass waves, insistent drum throbs and Jana Hunter’s redolent, charred voice are the core components of Baltimore’s Lower Dens (Jana Hunter – vocals/guitar, Will Adams – guitar, Geoff Graham – bass/vocals and Abram Sanders – drums). Hunter, sometimes known for intimate, ghost- heavy weird-fi, now writes and plays with a group that might get filed under new wave, or drone pop, or post-punk. With due deference to her solo work, we’re very glad.
Recorded by Chris Freeland (ex-Oxes drummer; proprietor of Beat Babies, Baltimore), mixed by Chris Coady (at his DNA, NYC), and mastered by Sarah Register (of the Lodge, NYC and the band Talk Normal.) the band’s debut full-length, Twin-Hand Movement is eleven perfect songs long. The band are rife with the survivalist paranoia one expects from residents of a post-urban port hole (and this particular songwriter), crafted methodically and beautifully, carrying the listener enthusiastically out into the rolling breaks of industrial filth-water.
From opener “Blue & Silver” (anxiety mounts at a quick clip until the final climactic release) to “Plastic & Powder” (a churning, narcotic slow-burner) and  “Hospice Gates” (penultimate album cut, proud weirdo anthem, possible creative zenith), not one is a space-waster.
Lower Dens formed in early 2009, when Hunter set about finding a full-time band. They spent the rest of the year sweating in attics and basements, and only stepped out of the shadows to do a quick tour and record.
1. Blue & Silver 2. Tea Lights 3. A Dog’s Dick 4. Holy Water 5. I Get Nervous 6. Completely Golden 7. Plastic & Powder 8. Rosie 9. Truss Me 10. Hospice Gates 11. Two Cocks
Also available on Gnomonsong:
Lower Dens                 I Get Nervous                             (GONG16)      7-inch
Jana Hunter                 There’s No Home                     (GONG06)     LP/CD
Jana Hunter                 Carrion                                          (GONG05)     CD
Jana Hunter                 Blank Unstaring
       Heirs of Doom (GONG01)     CD



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