Well, if anything can be said about Sunday's performance in Arizona, it's that it's a good time for a bye week. The Bills have two weeks to heal up (both physically and mentally) and get ready for the Chargers on October 19.

Now, for this week's unfortunate item of business:

To the person that took the "standing buffalo" flag from the corner of the front bar: If you return it for the Chargers game, there will be no questions asked. If not, we hope that every time you look at it, you'll think of the 400-plus people at the Harp that won't be inspired by it on Sundays. The Bills Backers aren't here to decorate your house, you know. Because of your selfish action we're considering not hanging anything around the bar anymore, which would only ruin the atmosphere for everyone else. Is this really what fans from the City of Good Neighbors are all about?

And for everyone else... enjoy the bye week and we'll see you at the Harp on the 19th. Go Bills!