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IAHF List: Big Doings on America's Northern Flank as Canada Harmonizes its vitamin laws to Australia's draconian vitamin law-- FoF and allied groups file lawsuits and push bill in Parliament that could turn things around.

All of this must be seen in the context of my article re the larger global picture at http://www.iahf.com/anh_lawsuit.html

See My response to Thora Rasmusssen below Thora's message here- Also see the update below from Trueman Tuck of Friends of Freedom in Ontario which is one of 3 groups suing Health Canada and pushing a bill in Parliament that would stop this madness. Americans and people world wide can't ignore what is happening in Canada any more than we can ignore events on the health freedom front in the EU- Our best defense remains to support the ANH lawsuit to overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive, however I am also writing a new article about the situation in Canada:

At 07:30 PM 6/21/03 -0600, Thora Rasmussen in Canada wrote:

As of Jan 1, 2004, Canada is going to restrict natural health products. The
announcement was made 3 days ago. I would really like to get involved in
ending this here, but I really want to focus on Canada, as it goes into
effect in less than 7 months. Anyone who wants my help, please let me know who I can contact or where a website is.

Here is the link to the press release from Health Canada. There are links
to the actual rules that will apply. I started to go through them, and it
is very easy to see that there are huge loop holes to block pretty much
anything they want to. As well, it would put a huge paperwork burden onto
manufacturers. They state that they have set aside $5 million over several
years, but with the paperwork required, it is easy to see that get sucked up
fast, or the backlog will be unbelievable to make the money last. One of
the oddest things I ran across is that a license # for a particular product
would need to be reapplied for if your source of an ingredient changed.
Just imagine the nightmare that will create with ingredients that come from
different locations during different times of the year.

If you would like, I'd be more than happy to help write an article.


Thora Rasmussen
BC, Canada

Thanks, Thora. Might take you up on this offer to help me write an article, because I am writing one. Health Canada is harmonizing you to Australia, while ignoring the will of the Canadian people so ardently expressed in '97 when you forced your health minister to resign. The same thing could end up happening again, see below and get in touch with Trueman Tuck, Tony Stephan, and Peter Helgason if you aren't already.

I am very concerned about what is happening "on our northern flank", not only because I care about the health and welfare of my many friends in Canada, but also because your country and the USA are joined at the hip due to NAFTA and the future threat of the FTAA (Free Trade Area of the Americas) which threatens to be a carbon copy of the EU Dictatorship in our hemisphere. What happens in Canada, could easily happen here in the USA next due to massive multinational corporate pressures.

This summer, FDA will come out with illegal GMP regs that will be contested in court. Via these new GMP regs, FDA will exceed their statutory authority under DSHEA which only mandates them to draft food based GMPs, but the ones they're coming out with are more stringent than even pharmaceutical GMPs, they're clearly intended to harmonize us to Australia so that FDA can use site licensing as a weapon, the way the TGA did in Australia recently with the Pan recall via which over 1600 products were fraudulently yanked from store shelves despite TGA not showing a single product assay to prove any were in any way contaminated.

I have been following the Canadian debacle very closely, and wish you guys would run Donna Herringer and the CHFA into the sea, because she and it are doing absolutely NOTHING to protect you from Health Canada. The people who ARE protecting your interests are listed below. I just recently returned from a month in BC Canada, and am in close contact about this huge threat with Trueman Tuck of Friends of Freedom in Ontario http://www.friendsoffreedom.org Tony Stephan of Truehope Inc. http://www.truehope.com and with Peter Helgason at the Strauss Herb Co. in Kamloops, BC http://www.straussherbco.ca/ All three have filed lawsuits against Health Canada over this issue and are also pushing bill C-420 (see http://www.straussherbco.ca/billc-420.html

Clearly, the Canadian situation must be viewed in a global context, along with events in Australia and the EU in order to be seen clearly for what it is, part of a full scale nuclear strike against consumer access to dietary supplements.

Here is Trueman Tuck's update today on what is going on:

From: "Trueman Tuck"
To: "Norm"
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Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2003 12:40:13 -0400
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Hello Norm,

Thank you for your e-mail.

Bill C-420 was drafted by our legal committee to stop Health Canada from
forcing all of our food-based non-drug medicines to become drugs and only in
the hands of medical doctors, pharmacists, and large health food, drug, and
grocery retailers.

Full details are attached for our campaign and are available on our
website - see top left main menu - Health freedom action downloads, and

The gazette 2 is harsh drug style regulations that were passed yesterday -
see our lead story [www.friendsoffreedom.org] and just turned 60,000 natural
health product into a new drugs - read the regulations! Gazetting is
publishing laws or regulations.

Please get the grassroots going, and help us raise legal funds.

We are forming an alliance - see www.canadiancoalitionforhealthfreedom.ca
[shortly will be active], and other supporting organizations are joining
such as www.freedomofchoicecanada.org

The attached full page information ad [fof_ad_11]is tentatively scheduled to
run in the National Post tomorrow.

Trueman Tuck

-----Original Message-----
From: Norm [mailto:massage@yukonsite.com]
Sent: Thursday, June 19, 2003 12:03 PM
To: myrights@friendsoffreedom.org
Subject: Questions Re: drug oriented regulatory changes

I am curious about the information on your website. As a wholistic
health practioner in the Yukon any interference from the political
scene regarding the health of citizens of Canada is of particular
interest to me.

However, on your site you refer to Bill C-420 in a manner that
suggests it has something to do with food. When I go to the
parliamentary site and research that bill it indicates that it was a
private member's bill and received first reading in 2001 and is An
Act to amend the Broadcasting Act. That bill deals with violence on
TV. Perhaps the information the Parliamentary site is incorrect?

Furthermore, the use of the word "gazetting" is confusing to me. My
understanding is that once a bill hits the "Gazette" it has been
passed into law and is by then a statute (Regulations get into the
gazette after being passed as well). Bill C-420 received
first "reading" which means it was introduced Parliament for
discussion. See the following link.


Saying a regulation is due for second "gazetting" does not make sense
to me.

I am concerned about the pressure and lobbying from pharmaceutical
companies in areas of natural health but need accurate information to
work with. Do you have the URL for the proposed "regulation" you are
referring to under the heading "Help us stop the third category. Our
foods are not drugs."?

It is important that we not inundate our Member with emails, letters,
phone calls, etc. unless we can accurately refer to the document(s)
that are of concern to us.

I am copying this to a number of folks that initially received an
email requesting support for your cause so they, too can share in the
information. I look forward to hearing from you.

Norm Hamilton
International Advocates for Health Freedom
POB 10632 Blacksburg VA 24062 USA
http://www.iahf.com; http://iadsa-exposed.tripod.com
800-333-2553 N.America
540-961-0476 World