IAHF List: Only go to the url above if you are not on heart medication, if you are not in jeopardy of having a heart attack or stroke due to poor health, and if you are not already stressed out from other things. If you are having trouble sleeping, don't go to this url or the one in the previous email I sent today. Not trying to freak anybody out or cause any undue alarm or worry, but this is VERY deep information and I didn't want to send anyone to this url without giving fair warning first.

This is tangentially related to our effort to stop the genocidal Cartel maneuvering intended to block our access to healing dietary supplements, so if that is your only reason for joining the IAHF email distribution list, no need to trouble yourself by clicking on the above url.

This information does, however, UNDERSCORE the extreme importance of making donations to the IAHF lawsuit to overturn the EU Food supplement directive, and that can be done via credit card or debit card on the ANH website Even small donations are badly needed and appreciated. I spoke with ANH today and they're pulling out all the stops communicating with the vitamin industry, lining up support, but they emphasize that grass roots support is also very badly needed and appreciated. If you're new to the IAHF list please read my article about the ANH lawsuit at

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