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Dutch, Dogs & Charity

Remember last newsletter? Where I wished we could skip spring with its awful weather and go to summer right away? Well, my wish was granted and I learned to be careful what you wish for ;)





So I decided to just enjoy this weather for as long as it will last and share my favourite summer activity with you all: a long walk in the forest with my dog Mister. (I will call my next dog 8k, so I can walk 8k every day ;-)


Here is the plan:


Dutch & Dogs, Thursday August 1st in Hilversum

8 k walk

10:00 - ?

Minimum: 3 participants

For dogs, dog owners & dog lovers

€5,- pp (which will be donated to Sandy, a helping dog to be) + your own drinks at a cafeteria halfway, where the dogs can drink water as well.

No speaking assignments, just free conversation.

Full goodie bag for dog & owner afterwards!


There will be two groups: one group of people who would like to speak Dutch (native speakers and students) and one group for English speakers (native and students)

Will you join us?


If you can’t make it this time, but you would like to do something for Sandy, you can register for a fun day with your dog in Naarden (August 25th). This day is not organised by me, but Mister and I will join the brain work part.


One last tip for dog owners: this year will be your last chance to swim with your dog in the outdoor swimming pool in Laren (de Biezem). Exact date will depend upon the weather. And you & your dog can swim all year long at Erkemederstrand.


A walk with (Dutch and/or English) speaking assignments but without dogs:


Walk & Talk

August 6th, 10:00 - ?

Walk along Naardermeer from Bussum to a nice restaurant, where we will take a taxi or bus back to Bussum.

€15,- pp of which €7,50 will be donated to Prince Fluffy Kareem

+ your own meal & travel expenses

Minimum: 3 participants
Bring your backpack and walking boots  ;-)

There might even be a goodie bag!


For those of you who don’t like to/cannot walk, I have organised a Game Night (August 6th) in “our” restaurant in ‘s Graveland (19:15 – 21:30):


A professional game player will bring his favourite games for more advanced speakers

I will have a board game about Holland/Dutch for more beginners and New Amigo’s for a mixed language group (Dutch/English)
The chef will provide a simple meal that is suitable for eating while playing, but you can of course have a regular (delicious) dinner in the restaurant before the games start.
Minimum: 3 participants

€5,- + your own meal
Please register before showing up, so I can notify the chef ;-)

You can find more courses here. Of course, the lessons will be outside as much as possible:


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Enjoy your summer!


Met vriendelijke groet,


Sylvia Clements


For more information or your own  project ideas, please contact:

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