Tom Fun Orchestra unveils video for "Earthworm Heart"
...created by award-winning duo at UK's Trunk Animation 

Tom Fun Orchestra
unveils their latest music video, a cartoon short for the track "Earthworm Heart" created by award-winning UK studio Trunk Animation.

Superbly dark with a wonderous streak of humour, the video presents a playful yet eerie narrative animated in a style that echoes Wind in the Willows and the works of Beatrix Potter.

This is the third Tom Fun Orchestra video created by Trunk's Alasdair Brotherson and Jock Mooney. Their video for "Bottom of the River" was named Best Music Video at both the Bradford Animation Festival and the Black & White Audiovisual Festival in 2010, while the video for "Throw Me to the Rats" earned the same designation at the Nickel Independent Film Festival in 2009 and garnered the band an East Coast Music Award for Video of the Year in 2010.
Recently the duo crafted an animated album for Coldplay, the lyric video for Lily Allen's "Air Balloon," and the critically acclaimed short Gelato Go Home!

"Earthworm Heart" is the title track from Tom Fun Orchestra's latest album, released in 2012.

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