Stitchin', Bitchin' and Ch-ch-ch-Changes 10th May 2007

Spring Shower Skeins of Salutations to you People of the Knit

We hope that this newsletter finds you well, chilled out from a sunny(ish) Bank Holiday of knitting instead of working (though some of you don’t need an excuse and do that anyway), and recharged for some pre-summer purling action.

This week’s meeting in the cool depths of the basement at Waterstone’s Piccadilly saw some rather saucy knits being eyed up by the S&B Londoners. Books flew around in every direction, with patterns for animals, toys and undies – quite fitting for our favourite Piccadilly book store. Knitted gingerbread men, flowers and slippers were some of the items being created over cups of hot chocolate and mouthfuls of cake. Oh, and the farm was great fun. We felted, we spun, we didn't steal a sheep (honest...baaaaaaa)

In other, rather massive radioactive-Godzilla-demolishing-what-you-thought-you-knew news, S&B London is ch-ch-ch changing. For the better, but changing it most certainly is.

Spreading the ever-growing word of the knit has become a bit much for myself and Laura to handle. As you can imagine knitting up a weekly stash of knitting news, arranging meetings, inducting newbies into the way of the stitch, knitting for giant beasts, saving the world one stitch at a time, and doing it all for free, is not easy. Especially while working full time too.

So last week saw the first meeting (translate as wine and dim sum) of the new team who will lead you through the world of stitch and string.

The new S&B London Stitchettes are: Laura P “Purl Princess”, Lauren O “Deadly Knitshade”, Joelle F “Knitting Ninja”, Laura D “Lady Knitsalot”, and not forgetting Candice L “Go Go Garter Girl”.

We aim to:

  • Knit up bi-weekly newsletters chock full of knitting treasure (with 3 weeks of venues and meeting dates)
  • Continue to meet with the group weekly in fabulous venues all across our fair city
  • Organise and offer you amazing, unexpected, tempting, and sometimes downright-bizarre knitting events
  • Continue to teach knitting and stitching skills for free at meetings
  • Turn the website into a knitting-resource thing of beauty

We hope you will all stick and stitch with us. Wave farewell to the Skull and Cross needles. On Monday the 21st of May a brand new S&B London will arrive. Woo hoo!

On to this week’s news:

Stitch and Damn Fine Chocolate Brownies

Details of the next meeting:

It’s been a long while since we’ve been back to the wonder that is Leon at Spitalfields. Now the weather is warming up a bit we thought we would return. Grab yourself a chair, show us your stitching, order something that is good for you and yet tastes like it isn’t, marvel at the fact that the menus are all pasted into old 80s annuals, and learn to love Leon. Also it is the day before Laura's birthday, bring on the cakes!

TUESDAY 15th May
Time: From 6 PM
Venue: Leon at Spitalfields Market
Address: Spitalfields
3 Crispin Place
London E1 6DW

Tel: 020 7247 4369


Map  or Other map

Nearest station: Liverpool Street, Whitechapel

Stitch and In Case of Vampires Use One of These

Details of the meeting after next:

Time: From 6 PM 
Venue: The Silver Cross  
Address: 33 Whitehall  

Phone: 020 7930 8350 

Nearest station: Charing Cross, Embankment, Westminster 

Stitch and Strolling for Breakthrough Breast Cancer

Wendy’s Woolies is already a pretty great site all on its own. It has wonders like the US/UK knitting translator and free patterns.

But on top of that Wendy is going to walk 26 miles around London on the Moonwalk to raise money for Breakthrough Breast Cancer. And you can WIN some gorgeous yarn just by sponsoring her. Just remember to put PRIZE DRAW in the message when you donate and you can win.

You can also buy some of her knitted creations to help her raise money too. So you can feel good about yourself and be in with the chance to win. Win-win situation really. :)

Stitch and Giving Back to Knitty (to win stuff!)

You possibly already love Knitty’s knitarama of pattern heaven, their easy-to-follow instructions, their penguin toy, their penchant for the unusual but lovely. In fact it is possible you have a few proudly constructed creations in your life already. Lucky you.

But how about getting even luckier? Not only do you get to wear them, you can also win with them too. Knitty is back for the third year with its Knitty 2008 Calendar contest! The best of them will be on the cover of the calendar for all to see, and the runners up will fill the innards. And what do you win? Well as Knitty says “get some seriously fabulous knitworthy stuff”.

What are you sitting there for?! Get knitting and snapping! The deadline is August the 17th 2007. Which may seem like aaaaaages away, but remember how long your Christmas knitting took to get just right? Yes, we thought so…better cast on now, eh?


And now the end is near. Wipe away a knitted tear and say farewell to the old (and a bit weary) S&B you knew. The message board will remain there in the gap. On a personal note may I say that it has been fun writing this newsletter alone, and thanks for the kind comments I got. But it nearly killed me, so writing it with the other Stitchettes will be much more fun (and less stressful!). Fear not, bi-weekly service will resume and if you don’t love it…well, you just will. A new logo, a new motto to live by, and an altogether lovelier S&B London awaits you.

Happy knitting and don’t drop any stitches while we’re away.

Stitch and Bítch London  
Our myspace group: Stitch and Bítch UK  




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