Note from David:
Hi Saints, 
The Lord showed us prophectically and then confirmed it to us that we were to take up a collection for David's house. This of course will be a temporary offering and will discontinued as soon as possible.
 Thank you so much for your gift for this house which is used for a prayer and Bible study meeting 6 days a week. We also host visitors and minister to locals here as often as we can. This is our ministry office. None of the rent, utilities, internet, vehicles or legal insurance, or other costs have been born by the ministry but by me personally who receive no money from the ministry.  Other ministries claim all of this cost belongs to the ministry, yet I have born this cost along with a few who support me. Now I will continue to bear the costs except for rent. This has suited me well all these years and I would not have changed a thing if the Lord had not intervened with dreams and words and direction from Him concerning His support for this house. Thank you so much for your help.  :o)
Love from your servant in Christ,
You can send a check or money order written to David Eells,
marked “For David’s House” here: 
P.O. Box 231616
Montgomery, AL 36123, USA
Please send your email address too so we can thank you.
Or you can send electronically here:
And mark it “For David’s House” under Reference notes
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