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Hi Brethren,
We are sorry that we have not  been able to serve you recently, we were hacked. It was a fulfillment  of a recent revelation given to us that we called “The Big Log Revelation.” The tree fell and was “cut-off” from the earth. I also received what happened to Nehemiah when, before the king, he explained that the gates of Jerusalem were burned allowing the enemy to invade, like the hacker did. These types were a death before a resurrection. The log became a conduit for the children to reach the top of the mountain. Nehemiah was then given orders to rebuild Jerusalem. In effect, these types were a death and resurrection of the leadership and UBM. This was prophesied to us in 2009 or '10. We are excited because this is a sign of the resurrected man-child's coming and ministry. We are in process of getting the outreach audios up. Sunday we will probably be back up and share this prophetic significance. We have been praising the Lord for the full resurrection and sign of this coming reformer ministry. Thanks for your prayers, and praises to God.
David and Michael
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