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IAHF List- Please take a minute to watch the flash, animated movie-
"The Meatrix"- http://www.themeatrix.com Its very well done!

You will need speakers on your computer to hear the audio-
This flash presentation was created as a way of educating consumers to the health hazards and cruelty associated with factory farming which is rapidly stamping out small family farms.

I contacted Free Range Graphics which produced "The Meatrix" to inquire as to how much it cost to produce. It wasn't cheap- it cost $17,000.

While IAHF can't afford that sort of expense, Matthias Rath sure could afford it. Maybe he would consider utilizing that sort of technology, and if not, maybe all the health freedom groups world wide could conduct a joint fund raising campaign to generate donations to produce a flash animation that would grab the attention of vitamin consumers, health food store owners and alternative physicians so that they could grasp that a pharmaceutical takeover of the natural products industry is very much in motion.

The flash animation could have links to health freedom websites world wide the same way "The Meatrix" website has links to farms that raise free range chickens and grow organic beef.

I just had a conversation with a website designer who has a contact in Vancouver who does flash animations- so maybe something as long and as detailed as "The Meatrix" could be created to help our anti Codex cause, but without costing nearly as much money.

We need to do something to help people connect the dots on how this takeover is proceeding against us.

Right now, not enough people are seeing it, and its very hard to explain in such a way that people will jump in with donations for such pivotal battles as the ANH lawsuit to overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive.

Globalization and harmonization are hard concepts for the average person in the USA to grasp. These concepts are much easier for people outside the USA to grasp as they've experienced the dangerous effects more frequently than the average American.

The Cartel is actively isolating the USA in the world, with the intention of taking us last. Its very difficult to get the attention of American vitamin consumers when they can go into their neighborhood health food store and get anything they need.

We need a way to break past the spin being put out there by CRN, NNFA, IADSA, and the other pharma dominated vitamin trade associations.

A flash movie that could be used to capture people's attention, and direct them to health freedom websites in different countries might be one part of the solution. Another part is a power point presentation that can be viewed on the web, and via direct presentations along with a lecture to help people connect the dots.

Its very encouraging to me that the opposition parties in New Zealand all oppose this Trans Tasman Treaty which the so called "Health Ministers" of Australia and New Zealand are so intent on shoving down their throats.

The opposition parties refuse to approve any implementing legislation, so this Trans Tasman Treaty can be blocked in New Zealand. Australian health freedom fighters really do need to unite with their New Zealand counterparts to pressure Australia to harmonize to New Zealand.

We don't have to take ANYTHING the cartel is trying to do to us laying down. There ARE ways to fight back. Its up to us to become more creative, and to think of new ways to call attention to our cause and to rally more people against the Cartel. Together, we CAN open more people's eyes! We MUST, if we are to successfully defend our access to supplements.
For Health Freedom,
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