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April 2016
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In our regions days are lengthening and temperatures are increasing. This means the work increases rapidly for many of us. 
However, we have not been idle over the winter months. We started the year with a new partner for cooperation in Spain. Also we organized some training programs and excursions which are highlighted in this newsletter. For more detailed information about our activities, please visit our website
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In this newsletter
Chinese researchers informed on breeding of vegetables
Together with Demokwekerij WestlandHollandDoor organized a tour for a group of Chinese researchers in January. The group visited the Netherlands for a course in the field of breeding, propagation and the cultivation of vegetables. The tour provided a broad overview of the Dutch breeding industry.
Both the Chinese researchers and the organizers of the complete course were very positive about the diverse and informative program. Read more....
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CDI-WUR training Market Access once again attracts many participants from 14 countries

Every year, the Centre for Development Innovation, part of Wageningen UR (CDI-WUR), organizes the course “Market access for food security”. The course is targeting on mid-career professionals from developing countries and also this year many participants signed up. For this reason, the course was held twice, in December 2015 and January 2016. Equal to the preceding years, also this year HollandDoor was involved in the course by giving a lecture and organizing illustrating field trips. 

The 56 course participants from 14 countries were impressed about used production techniques. Also they were impressed by the way how Dutch growers, suppliers and knowledge institutes work together on innovations.

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AgriDesk Spain and HollandDoor work together
In January, HollandDoor and Agridesk Spain have signed a cooperation agreement.
AgriDesk will represent HollandDoor in Spain. On one hand the cooperation means that Spanish agricultural professionals who want to use the services of HollandDoor can contact AgriDesk. On the other hand, this will give HollandDoor the possibility to use Agridesk network to expand her services.

AgriDesk is a consultancy company for agrifood business and acts as an intermediary between companies established in Spain and abroad. AgriDesk provides Spanish and other companies in agrifood business a wide range of services, based on information, knowledge exchange and intermediation.
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UTZ global representatives gaining inspiration at a high-tech greenhouse production facility of vegetables
As part of the UTZ Global meeting in Amsterdam, HollandDoor organized a study tour to Duijnisveld Sweet Pepper in Nieuwveen, on 23 January. The objective of this visit was to get about 35 UTZ global representatives aquainted with a high-tech greenhouse production facilities of vegetables. This acquaintence was meant to trigger the minds of the UTZ employees to think of new strategies to optimize production systems and connected processes at UTZ certified farms.
The UTZ participants were impressed by the technology and the company’s working procedures which resulted in interesting discussions about conversion and implementation possibilities in daily and future global UTZ certified farms. 
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Georgian Farmers Association benefits from HollandDoor and Agriterra support
Since 2014 HollandDoor is involved in the agricultural sector in Georgia and has built a relationship with the Georgian Farmers Association (GFA).
In February 2016 HollandDoor, together with an Agriterra team and people from ZLTO and Flynth, conducted a mission to assess and advise GFA in its future development.
After working with the staff and members of GFA for a week, the group came up with various recommendations in the field of strategy, advocacy and service delivery for the members, organization structure, management, governance and finance. Read more….
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Albanian agro microfinance delegation learns from Dutch agriculture
In Japan a development project exists which goal is strengthening Albanian’s agricultural sector by assisting the Albanian microfinance and financial inclusion stakeholders. One of the components of the project is organizing workshops and international study tours to expose the various actors to international practices and models on cooperatives and financial inclusion. PlaNet Finance, the organization contacted to implement the project, requested HollandDoor to organize an inspiring introduction into Dutch agribusiness.
In March 2016 an Albanese delegation followed a program of 2 days starting with a seminar, followed by several excursions. Both days many discussions took place about the (im-)possibilities for implementation of the Dutch (financial) techniques into Albanian agriculture. Read more...
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Asia interested in Dutch greenhouse and installation suppliers
At the end of March an Asian delegation visited the Netherlands for 4 days. Asian countries are making investments in their agricultural sector and intend to develop their greenhouse horticultural sector. GPI consultancy, a Dutch company, that is already active in Asia, was contacted to introduce a delegation with the Dutch greenhouse horticulture. Logically GPI asked HollandDoor to organize a studytour.
Several vegetable production companies, greenhouse constructors and greenhouse installation suppliers were visited. Although the focus was on cultivation and technology, serious attention was paid to knowledge development and skills training, that are necessary to establish greenhouse projects.
The delegation was amazed by the hospitality and the open dialoque during the visits. In the coming months the delegation will fine tune its project plans and will hopefully return to the Dutch horticulture. Read more...
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