Hazard Reduction Mulching Service
Scotland Island

Information for residents

When will mulching be done?
Week beginning Monday 6 December 2004

Where can mulching be done?
At present the truck and the mulcher can access Florence Terrace, Thompson Street, Richard Road and Robertson Road. It cannot get to the top of the island. Top side residents will need to take their vegetation to a lower access road.

What do I need to do?
1. You must register on the enclosed form and return it, with a cheque or money order for $22.00

By post: addressed to The Treasurer


PO Box 70

Church Point NSW 2105

By hand to Rosemary at Scotland Island Lodge

Shar at 61 Richard Road

2. On the weekend of 4-5 December, place a neat bundle of vegetation (no tangles and no building timber please) of up to 2 cubic metres (1 metre x 1metre x 2 metres) on the side of the road outside your property. Preference is for two or three households to put their piles together. Trunks up to 50 mm (2 inches) in diameter can be accepted. NSW RFB advises than trunks larger than this are no risk and should be cut for firewood.

Council advises that excessive material left on road reserves may result in the issue of an infringement notice (this applies also to your mulch pile)

3. You will be left with a pile of mulch which you will need to return to your own property. If you leave rampant weeds in your vegetation (eg wandering jew, asparagus fern onion weed etc) they will be returned to your garden and may spread.

Clean mulch will help you with weed control and moisture retention

How can I get further information?

Call Rosemary on 9979 3301 or Shar on 9999 1346.