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RHLSTP- Series 14 - Brex(sh)it!
Midway through series 14 of RHLSTP in recording terms at least and it's all going really well.
Here's a little update on guests. Now with added Nish Kumar and James O'Brien (though sadly Michael Sheen has had to bow out for now).
October 22nd (NEARLY SOLD OUT) NISH KUMAR and Rose Matefeo
October 29th JAMES O'BRIEN and Amanda Abbington (rescheduled)
November 5th Lucy Porter and Jenny Ryan from The Chase and TBC
November 12th Sanjeev Bhaskar and Rick Edwards
November 19th (SOLD OUT) Adam Buxton and Terry Hall
USE IT OR LOSE IT, LONDON. I can take this podcast round the country and judging by the sales at the Manchester Podcast Festival, people are clamouring to see it live.
Remember you can watch and/or listen to these podcast on iTunes
Or see the videos on Youtube
And listen to the audios at the British Comedy Guide
The London ones are going up on Wednesdays but the two bonus Manchester audios are going up as well (one last Friday, the other next Friday).
If you haven't yet moved your energy supplier to Bulb or have been thinking of doing so, right now would be a great time to do it as until close of play on 23rd October if you sign up with my link, instead of the usual £50 credit, we will both get £100 credit.
Bulb uses renewable energy, has no contract, has great customer service and your tariff will likely be cheaper too, so this is a great way to get free money, and save money, whilst still somehow giving me free money for all the podcasts etc. And you can leave at any time, so if you don't like them or just want to use up your free energy and go, then you can.
I think you'll want to stay.
This is a genuine recommendation. Obviously it's great to get the free credits, but I am not under any kind of contract with Bulb and would tell you if they turned out to be rubbish, but 16 months in, it's all good.
Anyway - here's the code link if you want to take up the offer. From 24th October it will be back to the usual £50 credit which still isn't bad!
The new Emergency Questions book seems to be selling OK But please review it on Amazon and recommend it to your friends and buy it for everyone you know for Christmas!
And remember if you want 8 free craft beers for just £2.95 postage, then use this link to sign up to Beer 52 (if you haven't already). You can then unsubscribe and enjoy your free beer, or stay signed up and pay £24 a month for 8 more beers each time. I've been doing it and you get some really interesting stuff and a magazine and some crisps too, so I'd recommend it to anyone interested in craft beers/getting drunk. Plus you're helping raise funds for the podcast too!
Thanks all
Richard Herring