After a few shows in NYC and Boston, the Swedish band This Is Head is now heading over to Los Angeles. At the same time they are releasing their new single “Staring Lenses” as a follow up to the release of their second album “The Album ID” that was out in US the 4th of feb.
Artist: This Is Head
Single: Staring Lenses
Release date: 11-02-2014
Label: Adrian Recordings
From album: The Album ID
“Staring Lenses” spaces out. After the initial greeting, you then get the sense that you are going into the room, taking off your coat, getting comfortable. This song contains a clear tension, and tightly winds its way into your chest. It seems to tell the story of being on the inside, feeling like you’re on the outside looking in.
- Violent Success

It premiered at Brooklyn Vegan and has spread over the WWW:
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1. Staring Lenses (3:40)
2. A B-version (Animal Research-remix by Christian Gabel) (4:41)

2014-02-12: Detroit Bar – Costa Mesa (South LA) – (USA)
2014-02-15: Pico Studio – Los Angeles (USA)
2014-02-16: Origami Vinyl Record Shop – Los Angeles (USA)
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