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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackerel Beach

September 1, 2016

Newsletter for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia - Volume 17, Issue 926






This will have HUGE impact on parking

OBJECT to this DA to stop further car parking erosion

Comments due by September 8

Send to pittwater_council@pittwater.nsw.gov.au


Council’s current proposals to change the parking rules in local streets (with no CPP exemption) will reduce unrestricted spaces available by 100-110 spaces, even after the new car park is built!

A new DA has been lodged for licensed restaurant for 138 patrons, 13 motel rooms, a manager’s residence and a new day spa – but only provides 9 on-site parking spaces!  Please find below some suggested issues to raise.

The Pasadena DA provides only 9 on-site parking spaces!!
  • Please read the Traffic and Parking Implications Report, provided with the DA, it provides ample ammunition to discredit the application: It is beyond comprehension how 138 restaurant seats + 14 motel rooms + 3 retail spaces + space needed for staff, translate into the provision of 9 parking spaces.
  • The report bases its numbers on: “anticipated strong patronage from locals and offshore residents”, that restaurant will be only 30 – 85 % full. We all know when it counts most for us (evenings and weekends) when patronage will be high and then, how about patronage for wedding parties as well?
  • The report claims: “The proportion of restaurant/café patrons driving a car to/from the 'Pasadena' is likely to be similar to the proportion who travel by car to/from restaurants and/or pubs in the inner city suburbs of Sydney.” This argument is false and should be strongly countered. Church Point is isolated by a lack of transport and parking options while existing infrastructure is inadequate for local families struggling to park, to get children to and from school.
  • The report concludes that the Pasadena development will not have unacceptable parking implications and cites the addition of the 120 spaces for the new car park as one of the reasons: The new car park only provides 45 to 50 publicly available spaces after 50 to 60 are used for private lease and 10-15 current spaces are lost due to construction. There is also the potential loss of many parking spots in the local Church Point streets. We are paying for this car park which was sold to us as a way to increase the amount of available car parking for offshore residents.
Opening hours restaurant/pub: Not compatible with a residential area and family transport hub

Motel will operate 24/7 (motel is subject to acceptance of Existing Use Rights)

Spa will operate 7:30am – 9:00pm, 7 days

Restaurant will operate 5:00am – 12:00pm Mon – Sat; 10:00am- 10:00pm Sun; 12:00am – 10:00pm Good Fri & Xmas; 5:00am – 2:00am Dec 31. This development is as stated like a ‘hotel pub in the inner-city’.  It is not in keeping with the isolated residential setting or the demographics of the existing community which includes many young families and retirees. Safety is an issue of concern for children travelling alone or waiting for transport connections.

Noise: Noise from music, guests, refrigeration and delivery trucks are likely to be an issue for nearby Church Point residents and for offshore residents as it bounces across water.

Existing use rights: A motel is a prohibited use on this site, however, the applicant is claiming existing use rights as Warringah Council first approved the use of the site for motel rooms, restaurant and retail in 1961.  Have these rights lapsed after many years of disuse?

Number of dining seats: Since the Pasadena ceased operating under its previous licence, the number of licensed seats at the Church Point Café has grown substantially. Should this be considered in determining the number of Pasadena restaurant seats permitted? Should there be a maximum number of dining seats for Church Point?

Details of the DA
/ Council Form / Link to DA on Council Website


Our Community, Our Future, Our Responsibility

Regarding this issue can be seen HERE



Emergency Water Monitors for Lines 2 and 3

SIRA would be pleased to receive Expressions of Interest for the above positions following the imminent retirement of Cass Gye after many years’ service.

We recently appointed a new Water Line Monitor for Line 1 and, following Cass’ decision, we are now seeking replacement Water Monitors for Lines 2 and 3.

Previous applicants who are interested in applying do not need to send a full application but should indicate for which line they would like to be considered.

Position Description:
  • This position requires the availability for bookings by phone, email or text from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.   7-days per week
  • Preference will be given to someone who is already a user of the respective line
  • Customer Service skills required to liaise with residents in varied scenarios of water demand and delivery
  • Days allocated for Line 2 are Sunday 10am to Tuesday 7pm each week and Line 3 Tuesday 7pm to Thursday 8am
  • Access to a computer and mobile phone are a pre-requisite to take and record bookings
  • Accurate record keeping of bookings, readings and payments is essential
  • Readings to be requested within 24 hours of booking and payment advice sent, online transfer of funds recorded and reminders sent within the required payment period
  • Experience with Excel spreadsheets required for monthly reconciliation of bookings/payments
  • Willingness to learn the intricacies of the emergency water system so that they will be able to troubleshoot problems in order to assist customers with their booking
  • Identifying any damage or leaks on the line to be reported immediately for rectification
  • Follow the Emergency Water Guidelines and Procedures for Monitors
  • 20% of gross water purchases plus fee of $10.00 per booking
  • Invoice, with ABN number, to be submitted monthly once the reconciliation is complete
Please address your expression of interest complete with contact details to the Treasurer
Email:  treasurer@sira.org.au or by post: Treasurer, SIRA, P O Box 70, Church Point

Emergency Water Guidelines and Procedure for Monitors are available here.
Closing date for applications is 14 September 2016.


Cass Gye has decided to retire as Water Monitor. Cass developed the first system for water bookings in 1984 
and has assisted many residents during her years as Water Monitor for Lines 2 and 3 in providing this important service to the community.  She will continue in a support role until the new Monitors have found their feet!

SIRA would be pleased to receive Expressions of Interest for these positions. The two Water Monitors provisionally appointed to these roles are:

Ian Laughton-Smith, Line 2, Florence Terrace, not far from the Fireshed, from September 1
Nadine O’Mara, Line 3, Thompson Street, at the top of Hilda Avenue above Bell, October 1

The same booking procedures apply, please read the Guidelines.

Line 1:    Thursday 8am to Sunday 10am   Nikki Gibson 0425 227 792 water1@sira.org.au
Line 2:     Sunday 10am to Tuesday 7pm    Ian Laughton-Smith 0404 833 674 water2@sira.org.au
Line 3:    Tuesday 7pm till Thursday 8am   Nadine O’Mara 0402 752 465 water3@sira.org.au


Please give them your support as they navigate through the many challenges of water bookings!


There are 3 lines on the Island to service residents 7 days a week.

Please follow the procedures for purchasing water, as set out in detail in the Emergency Water Guidelines.
The guidelines are available on the SIRA website or via a link in the Pittwater Offshore Newsletter (PON).

We encourage residents to be careful with their consumption of water, keep roofs and gutters maintained and check tanks regularly to avoid running out. 

Last minute requests for bookings inconveniences other residents and give the Monitors a headache!  If everyone is diligent in keeping an eye on the water level in their tanks this should not be necessary! 

The Monitors do their very best to assist in an “emergency”, however, if a booking is requested outside regular hours it can deprive another resident of their allocated time and lines must be swapped to deliver the water which is not always possible at short notice.  Running out of water as a consequence of not keeping an eye on your water level is not considered an “emergency”!   

Once a current booking is PAID, an advance booking can be accepted.  Bookings must be confirmed and cancellation is at least 24 hours in advance.  This allows residents to plan their “fill” to avoid a last minute panic.  Please ensure you know how many litres your tank holds and advise how many hours you will require at the time of booking so sufficient hours can be allocated. The amount of water received is determined by the start and finish meter readings only.

In particular, please understand that you are responsible for:
  • Connecting to standpipe with a complying fitting to receive water
  • Water lost for any reason during booking period - check your flow regularly!
  • Disconnecting your non-permanent fitting from standpipe immediately after use
  • Resetting all valves when you are finished to make Line ready for next booking
  • Contacting next person to arrange handover
  • Turning off Main Line valve at Bell if no contact is made and taking reading
  • Note:  The washer in the “nut and tail” that connects to the standpipe prevents leakage. Without it, the fitting can be over-tightened making it difficult to remove from the brass nipple.  If you have lost yours contact Cass Gye who has spares in stock as well as plugs to keep the washer in place after use.
Civility and good humour are very much appreciated at all times.

Happy Watering!!
Water Monitors


Scotland Island Fire Shed Dinner

Saturday 10 September at 7pm

Online booking at www.sirfb.org.au

SIRFB Get Ready Weekend

Sunday 11 Sept. from 9pm



Island Kindy Father's Day Cafe

Saturday September 3 from 8.30am



Community Choir on the Island

Fun, relaxed, slightly silly, mostly A Capella and mostly in tune! $5 a week.

Join us on Sunday afternoons, 2.15-4.30 at Suzie Boyd's house near Tennis.

Connect with us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/scotlandislandsingers
Or contact Jessica, email: jessica_mcgowan@yahoo.com.au
Ph: 0422 474 279


Australia's Largest Selling Wine Syndicate Newsletter

All the Wine that's fit to Drink :)


It hardly seems possible that another tasting is due. And that is true - it is NOT due - at least until Sunday, October 23rd. So sit back, open another bottle of the beautiful red that you bought at the last tasting. But it might be smart to circle your virtual calendar so as to be ready to frock up and prepare for the final tasting before the 'season' gets to us. As always, family and friends are very welcome.

DATE AGAIN: Sunday October 23rd 2016 at 3pm.

WHERE: Paul and Pamela's small cottage in Elvina Bay. They might even fire up the pizza oven....


The Co-Op Club Presents

September 2016 Bookings

Church Point Cafe -  Artists play between 3:30 - 6:30pm

Sun Sept 4:  Gallie.:image

Tom Waits once said “..the world is a hellish place and bad writing is destroying the quality of our suffering..”, the very same Tom Waits who then went on to vote Gallie as a finalist in the ‘international songwriting contest.’ In the short time Gallie has called Australia home he has made it to a number of best of, end of year lists including the top 16 tracks of the year on Paul Gough’s ABC Inside Sleeve, top 15 albums of the year – Brian Wise, Triple R and lighting the switchboard of  ABC radio 774 with his remarkable live performance of the title track from his album ‘Occoquan River’. Come and hear Gallie’s debut performance at the Co-Op Club and be blown away by an exceptional songwriter.

Sun Sept 11:  The Joy Yates & Dave McCrae :image

Joy Yates & Dave McCrae band are a regular and a favourite at The Co-Op Club. They bring a wealth of experience having worked with a who’s who of the British & US music scene for years before returning to Australia where they continue to contribute both as performers & teachers with their world-class musicianship. This includes presenting music from the American jazz songbook with the cream of Australian jazz musicians to transform it into now.

Sun Sept 18: Mary Jane Guiney:image

Mary Jane Guiney hails from the northern beaches but shares her time between New Orleans in Louisiana & Sydney these days. Due to the release of her latest album she has extended her stay in Sydney which is all the better for us as we get to welcome her back to the Co-Op Club for her second performance. Don’t miss Mary Jane along with her great band because we don’t know how long we’ll have her before she takes off again.

Sun Sept 25: Matt Trapnell & The Sly Dogs:

Matt Trapnell & The Sly Dogs return to the Co-Op Club. This northern beaches/Scotland Island band have performed more times than any other band at the Co-Op Club. Don’t miss hearing them with special guests including vocalist Narelle Lewis as they play their brand of soul, pop & rock n roll including some well-known favourites along with some of their own material.

Music is every Sunday between 3.30 - 6.30pm  
1860 Pittwater Rd Church Point – bookings 9999 2793


Vinyasa Yoga

Saturdays from 9-10:15 at the Hall

click to load PDF

Nadine O’Mara
Senior Yoga Teacher (YA)| She Births® Educator | Birth Attendant | Mother

W: www.consciouslifeyoga.com.au
E: nadine.omara@shebirths.com
T: 0402 752465


For Sale 

High 820mm
Width 900mm
Depth 470mm

For Sale  $80

High 760mm
Width 400
Depth 300

For Sale $50

High 760mm
Width 400
Depth 300

For Sale $50

Contact Mike


For Sale – $1,500.00

YAMAHA 15HP motor – top condition

Throw in with this YAMAHA 15HP is a Registered 3.6 meter Runabout Commuter - valid till 18/03/2017
  • Only needs antifoul – she easily plans at 15 knots with two passengers – ideal Commuter
engine     runabout
Runabout Commuter has: -
  • Engine cover - Unique Trampoline Seat that makes for a great ride in the chop - Fuel Tank – Bow Nav Lights - Bilge Pump and Heavy duty battery = means you can go away for a long weekend and she remains afloat – Fitted Floor which means you never are wading even in the heaviest rains
CONTACT - Michael Edols - Mobile: 0402 65 69 67 – Michael@edols.com.au


For Sale

Mooring Gear for 40’ boat.

I’m giving up my mooring on the North side of the island and am selling the mooring gear?  It’s held my 40’ catamaran well for the last 8 years and has been serviced regularly—although it needs a service now.

Let me know if you want it and open to offers.

0411 882064


Missing Trestle Table

My trestle table went missing from Tennis today.
My children used it for their lemonade stand and we could manage to carry it home.
It was gone, when we went back to get it!
Please return ASAP to 39 Thompson Street.
Or call me to pick it up 0412367984.

Thanks, Caroline


For Sale

Small Water Tank (Galvanised)

  • Dimensions = 118cm (Long) x 55cm (Wide) x 123cm (High)
  • Capacity = 600 Litres
  • Excellent Condition (no leaks or repairs and NO corrosion)
  • Currently on the island.

$200 ono (cost $650 new)

Phone: 0403 115 358


Accomodation Wanted

Island resident looking to relocate to a self or semi-contained boat shed on Island or western shore.
Happy to pay rent and/or assist with any maintenance on shed or house.
Qualified tradesman/handy man.

Cheers Jim


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