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January-2013-On Second Thought~

Yes, I’m so aware that the first of the month Newsletter did not get done. Frankly I was having too much fun and just let it slip by…take away my fun privileges for awhile or ban me from the garden.

The year behind us has left much to reflect on, I need not retrace all the events, we were all there, I will however ask that we all make a promise to work at some form of change to bring a better year in some small or large way.

Change, no matter how small or uneventful-always leads to more action-if it’s change for the better…then what is not to love.

Change comes in many forms and for many reasons…lots of changes coming to Sage Hill Farms in 2013, some are major and some will be so gradual and small you might miss them if not paying close attention. They are all designed for the better.

Hubby (Michael) the man behind Sage Hill…is finally retiring from the AT&T telecommunications Industry…so he promises the plan is for March…I’m actually celebrating, this means I have help all day every day…woo-hoo…that’s a good thing and then some.

We have a layout for more garden designs…beds with visual attraction and beds for vegetable additions.

February is the month to start greenhouse seedlings for many things.

Ahhh, the time does pass quickly - does it not.

If you’re searching for heirloom/organic seeds for this year I highly recommend Baker Creek,, and Each are totally dedicated to rare and heirloom seed saving and using/providing.

Up-coming Events at Sage Hill….

Online and on site herbal classes will be available beginning in March…look for dates and info in the Feb. newsletter.

We will also be sharing a lot more about a new project Sage Hill is sponsoring for a school garden. So excited about this one! A few more details to iron out and then it will be a go!

Do you know….you don’t have to wait for the fresh food season to dehydrate your favorite foods. When you find good deals on winter favorites (organic please). Avocados, bananas, mango, cabbage, cauliflower, mushrooms, pears, potatoes, turnips and winter squash…stock up and dry the excess. If you don’t have the guide from your dehydrator you can find it online. Excalibur has a very good one.

Many sections of the country are very warm for the season; it is great time to set any indoor plants outside for a day of fresh air, sunshine and a good watering before moving back inside. I don’t suggest leaving them out overnight, still a bit iffy for that.

If you aren’t already doing this, a sure fire way to build your immune system and escape the cold and flu bugs are by using Essential Oils and some old fashion recipes that kept us healthy as children.

Lavender, Peppermint, Lemon, Tea Tree, Cinnamon, Clove, are just a few of the oils that have exceptional powers to help keep us healthy all year, but especially in the winter. You can apply the oils directly to the soles of your feet without using any carrier-oil…2 to 3 drops to each foot two or 3 times daily for a week at a time works for me. Take a break for a week and begin again. If using on more sensitive areas of the body I suggest blending the oils with a good carrier…Almond, olive, etc. (no soy or vegetable for me) unless the vegetable is organic. Remember too, always use ”therapeutic grade” oils only.

Drinking 2 to 4 cups of hot/warm lemon water or/and Apple Cider Vinegar water is a miracle in a cup for many uses. It will keep your system clean, stabilize the pH condition of your system and flush excess fluid. And...Great for fighting against germs.

Everyone at Sage Hill is healthy and feeling great …I hope the same holds true for you.

Saw two of these in the rosemary today-a lovely surprise!

The best of January and stay safe~

The Sage Hill Farms Family~
Sage Hill Herb Farm